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Bank of America - One of the world's many badly run government entwined banks. 1) Still does marketing calls despite being listed on national do not call list. Evening 5/13/05, 2) Junk Mail 0% credit card offer. 4/1/08 3) Harrassment by Collections using Countrywide's number (972) 498-5000 and refusing to identify themselves after three requests. No debt was owed to Countrywide. 4) Collections calls when no debt is owed over 3 times per week with redundant questions where same answer is supplied. 5) Charges $5.00 and requires fingerprint and driver's license to cash account holder checks drawn on their own bank. Pray that you never have Bank of America as a lender or servicing bank. 6) Consistently spends money to purchase the U.S. Government and borrows your money without your direct permission via government lobbyists. According to the BBC, The U.S. Government agreed to give them $20 billion in January 2009 and $118 billion in gaurantees against bad assets. They should be allowed to fail like any other badly run business, instead, thanks to their lobbying efforts, they will be putting the U.S. Citizens on the line. For more bad news about B of A, go to as of 5/21/09
black pawblack pawblack pawblack paw

Bank One (First USA)- See also "Credit Card Conspiracy" - AVOID THIS COMPANY AND STAY AWAY FROM USING MOST MODERN CREDIT CARDS. The word "ethics" is lost in the fine print. 1) In order to activate their credit card, you must put up with tedious and time consuming sales plugs. 12/12/02 2) Even if you pay your bills on time, if they deem your credit doesn't meet their subjective standards usually derived at by the infamous 3) Experian credit reporting agency that sells credit reports with more holes in them then swiss cheese, they can raise your rate 4) even on old balances. Despite good credit and constant misinformation posted by Experian, a rate can jump to 6 percent higher even as the prime rate goes down as it has from 2001 to 2003. 5) This unethical company also is guilty of 99 cent pricing to sell their programs, i.e. 24.99% interest. This is one bottom feeding bank monopoly that I would avoid getting started with in the first place. In fact, they absorbed a First USA card and now call it Bank One with these new changes that basically say, "we think you must be struggling so we will help you out by raising the interest on you substantially. 6) When your balance is under the limit and the bank ads a finance charge that places the cardholder over the limit, an additional $35 over limit fee is charged and 7) the interest rate may be increased. 8) Subjectively chooses to raise interest rates up to 10% without warning." 9) BANK RAISED RATE ON CARD BALANCE PAID DILIGENTLY FROM 12.99% TO 27.99% IN ONE BILLING CYCLE BECAUSE OF SUBJECTIVE REASONING. This bank is EXACTLY all about what gives all banks a bad reputation and yet they are extremely successful at preying on the unsuspecting and vulnerable by jumping their rates. I would stay away from this bank even if I was really hard up for a credit card. What did Jesus say about the money lenders? Remember the government is supposedly protecting you from bad banks like this one. However, that's like letting the fox gaurd the henhouse. Bank lobbies and attorneys have a full time job making government work for them and not for you. EVIL BANKS LIKE THIS ONE GIVE AMERICA A BAD REPUTATION AND SHOULD NOT BE SUPPORTED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM ON ETHICAL GROUNDS ALONE. USEROUS BANKING PRACTICES.
10) AT LEAST ONE CLASS ACTION SUIT SETTLED AWARDING CUSTOMERS FOR OVERCHARGING INTEREST POLICIES - best policy is to not deal with this bank in the first place. 7/28/04 (I could go on and on and on about the evils of this bank, but let's let "The Complaint Station" carry on from here.) 11) Privacy Policy gives away your personal information unless you opt out! To quit their sharing the information within what they call the Bank One Family (how quaint) or to other companies outside the family, call 1-888-868-8618

Beazer Homes - Extremely poor service, product construction (cracked walls and roof tiles (poor product reliability). There is a reason that they are usually so much cheaper. However, since people don't check with other owners frequently enough, Beazer has been able to market around these facts to become the number 1 new home builder in Sacramento. One can easily imagine that in today's corporate environment. 4) Conflict of Interest involving Property Management companies like Kocal Property Management in Sacramento, CA.

Beckett Water Gardening Systems (Fountain Pump) - 1) Must tear through box to discover contents 2) Despite hefty price tag, pump didn't come with adjustments for various size tubing or filtration system. 9/4/05

BeLight Software (Business Card Composer) - 1) 99 cent pricing when upgrade cost $19.95 2) for an upgrade because program started wasting paper and ink due to MacOS 10.5 printing changes. Probably should have been a fix to prior software, since in my case, the program was all I needed with the exception to the printing problems. Management was courteous and polite in responding to my criticism. Perhaps it was all Apple's fault. Have I ever heard that one before and have no doubt that it is true in at least 50% of the cases. I guess only their hair dressers know for sure. 5/6/08.

Bell Bros Heating & Air Conditioning - 1) Junk Mail. 2) Trying to fool potential customers into thinking the junk mail is a personal letter. 3) Then getting the surprise of business junk mail, this company has the gall to use the domain name "" - 11/12/08

BeOS - 1) Operating System would not load. 2) Ease of installation over stated on box. 3) Fried Computer Hard Drive making it unfixable with common utilities. 4) Non-existent technical support, l. 9/10/01

Beneficial - Junk mail and no business name on envelope with enticement check enclosed. 8/13/01

Benjamin International, (Importing from Korea) - 1) Lead in Charms made in Korea. Details (888) 249-7639

Best Buy - Junk mail. 8/13/01, 99 cent pricing 8/2002


Michael P. Murphy
DBA The Small Businessman -
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B Listings (Cont.)

barBeutler Corporation (air conditioning)- 1) Motherboard on duel zone failed within the first 2 years stopping all air conditioning in the middle of summer. 2) Beutler couldn't schedule service for over 20 days. 3) forced to hire outside serviceman that arrived in two days and replaced the board, informing me that the common Beutler board that Beutler installed goes out all the time and is extremely expensive. He installed a Honeywell board and it has worked fine since. He also replaced 4) faulty sealing that was wide open around the unit that allowed cool air to constantly escape 5) raising our air conditioning bill tremendously. This was only a two year old unit!!!. I assume he meant frequently. The latter are unacceptable practices for any major air conditioning company. From poor installation, to poor service, one can only imagine that Beutler makes it on the builders' installer list for either price or speed of installations. Knowing Beazer Homes, those reasons are highly likely since quality is not synonymous with Beazer. 6) Beutler Service after being informed, wanted to send out a technician at my expense to check out the situation and to look at the card. My bringing in the defective card with the obviously blown part, was not acceptable to them. Further, on close inspection of the card it was obvious that it was damaged and that the installer had used an oversized screwdriver which in turn damaged the component. In the future, I will avoid buying a home with Beutler products installed. They do not save me money in any way shape or form and probably live off of extended warranty sales to cover their poor installations and defective products. I am stuck with their poor components for now, but at least I have a better air man and a Honeywell dual zone controller instead of the defective Beutler one. 3/17/03

Blockbuster Video (Online)- 1) Poor timeliness on shipping, limiting quantity of videos received in any period of time (saving the company money???). 2) Poor phone service times. 3) Poor phone selection system that doesn't always work or denies input. 4) Raises prices without informing member. 5) Cue for TV and other series gets out of order so that you'll watch various seasons and shows out of the order you selected. 6) Long wait times for some movies. 7) sometimes repeats your order so you get the same movie twice without your input. 8) After lowering to a cheaper account type, BB continued to bill at the higher account rate as though there was no reduction. 9) When informed, refused refund. Asked to cancel account on 3/10/2008 due to poor service and overbilling. 10) 99 cent pricing. (3.99 specials, etc.) There's a trend that the bigger a company gets and the closer to a monopoloy, the more the power corrupts them.

Brehm Communications, Inc. (Gold Country Media)- 1) Lazy and bias reporting with Right Wing slant. Recommend Boycott of all associated newspapers.

Brother (Printers)- 1) Hard to find technical support number, never found it. Hidden on the Internet.

Broyhill Furniture- 1) Customer Service placed me on hold and then an automated voice told me that due to unexpected circumstances, they could not take my call right now. Please call back later. posted 6/11/09
black paw

Bush, George W. (43rd U.S. President)- 1) Lying to the American people. 2) Pre-emptive strike in Iraq. 3) Endorsement of actions voiding the Constitution of the United States of America that he was sworn to uphold. 4) Endorsing policies that expanded U.S. debt. 5) Useless murder of U.S. Troops in foreign wars. 6) Failure to capture and convict Osama Bin Laden for attacks against the United States.


*Opinions and information is for the sole use of The Small Businessman and is not intended for use by the media or for any other particular use other than by the site owner. Listed companies are in alphabetical order. This is intended to assist companies to improve their business processes and ethics only per subjective opinion of The Small Businessman, not to diminish their sales or sales prospects - simply to improve them.

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