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Earthlink - 1) Long hold times (20 minutes or more for all support services and even long waits on sales. 2) False and /or misleading advertising which overstates ease and simplicity of programs. 3) Customer Service claims they can't email accounting to expedite refund which is 4) 3 months over due. 5) After domain account is dropped and officially moved to other servers, , old browsers still point to Earhtlink domain hosting. 6) Main office in Sacramento wouldn't let customer speak to customer service, but insisted customer go home and call. However, she could close the account even though it's been 3 months and still no refund. 7) Earthlink will provide Gold Service for $10 more per month, but won't guarantee any faster times.?? This is the type of .com shennanigans that give the industry a bad name. 8) Dropped call to Customer Service 10/8/01 9) haven't seen promised refund since 6/1/01 It is now 10/8/01 10) Representative claims he'll be back with me shortly isn't back for 5 minutes. eise confirmation number for check they intend to send out this week - 10/8/01. 11) The check has still not arrived 10/18/01 These are prolific liars or incredibly inefficient people. 13) Another hold time greater than ten minutes!!! for customer service 10/19/01 14) Check was again promised, (apparently they cancelled the last one) the address was verified as correct, but still no check. 10/23/01 15) Check still hasn't arrived. 16) Could not connect me with Accounting. 17) Supervisor and Accounting did not call back as promised. WARNING THIS COMPANY ACTS LIKE A COMPANY HEADED OUT OF BUSINESS!!! I do not recommend doing business with Earthlink. As of 11/10/01, get'em's worst customer service company for 2001!

Eb - (aka Homer TLC, Inc. Distributed by Home Depot) 1) Hard (if not impossible) to figure out where their Mason Line string begins or ends upon unwrapping roll. This is another typical "Made in China" problem. You will waste a lot of string having to get to the beginning if you cut it in the midde to start it. 6/9/2007

Ebay - I

1) Hard (if not impossible) to access live or decent support!

2) Here's some phone numbers you may not have found anywhere else. Tell them Get'em sent you!

1-800-322-9266, 1-888-749-3229

3) No support on weekends and probably holidays.

4) Live support is only supposed to be for its largest sellers and these lines are often overwhelmed and too busy to take your call.

5) You might say that eBay is the King of .99 cent pricing in that it encourages other businesses to usee the .99 cent format. If you list on the even dollar, your fees can almost double! ie. An item listed for $9.99 warrants a 35 cent fee. An item that lists at $10.00 warrants a 60 cent fee!

6) Close relationship with IBM and Websphere Tools (Birds of a Feather) where IBM quotes "42 million loyal users" The truth is that most users would jump eBay's ship immediately if an non-price gouging competitor could enter the market successfully. There's certainly not that high loyalty, just apathy. That's hype!

7) Lot's of downtime and critical slowdowns. -2001-2002 thru 12/2004. Is it worth the time???

8) Notice that some changes in a constantly changing user agreement are for the benefit of eBay and are not summarized. This is really getting tacky.

Q.      What are the revisions?
A.      The major revisions are described below. Please be aware that while we have summarized the major changes below, there are additional changes that are not summarized and therefore, you are encouraged to read the User Agreement at to see the full text of the revisions to the User Agreement.
Generally we made a number of small text changes based upon your comments and suggestions to make it easier to understand.

9) Continues no refund of fees after 30 day policy despite the fact that a transaction may not go through. This is profitable to eBay and encourages sellers to "drop" sales with earnest customers.

10) Rewards members that made eBay the monopoly that it has become with monopolistic fees.

11) The purchase of PayPal constitutes a conflict of interest and corners the money as well as the market.

12) Ebay is under class action suit for overcharging/billing.

13) Ebay is under class action suit for suspending accounts for complaints. - source Eweek July 12

14) Blocks accounts without contacting seller or explaining situation.

15) Could not reach or change status on 9/11/04 due to lack of communications ability on eBay's end. Endless web search to try to fix with a lot of circular references resulting of a waste in time and money.

16) Ebay Unknown Image image was where payment symbol was usually posted designated that a customer had paid for an item and that the seller could then ship it. This image had no definition below like the other images. What is a seller supposed to do? Ebay error.

Eeboo ( - 1) Lead in Sketchbooks - 80,000 recalled. Details at (626) 330-8027.

Michael P. Murphy
DBA The Small Businessman -
Technical Site Coordinator and Registrant

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E Listings (Cont.)


Electronics Boutique - 99 cent pricing!

Equifax - Credit Reporting. - 1) Multiple hoop jumping and 2) vague methodology to get name removed from so-called unethical 3) preapproved credit offer mailing lists which result in massived 4) junk mail. 5) Errors in reports due to 6) poor verification. 7) Negative credit is NOT verified with consumers, 7) putting the monkey on their back to find out. 8) No human voice to talk to. One of the most unethical businesses of our day, 9) resulting in millions of borrowers paying too much for their loans each year. You would think that the ones reporting your credit would have better credit!

Equinux (iSale Software) - After purchase 2 product shortcomings were found that make the product half the value and an entry nightmare. New versions don't mention any change to these concerns. - 1) You couldn't enter sales into eBay and have them show in iSale 2) If you resold an item in iSale, you might not get the ebay discount for reselling the item 3) When an email was sent asking about this, no response was given. - Granted these aspects might be a result of eBay's gaurded policies, but customers should be aware of these important shortcomings before purchase. It's a matter of integrity.

Etelos (CRM Software for iPhone) - 1) 99 cent pricing. (29.95)

Eureka (Vacuums) - 1.) Wall Plug Transformer melted for the cordless Model 570 "The Boss" bagless cleaning System. According to Eureka service, my cordless vacuum is 8 years old and leaving it plugged in to recharge the vacuum is not recommended because they get hot (and I guess melt down). 2.) Not only is this a safety hazard, but 3) they do not resupply the parts, and if they did, 4) they would be so expensive that you might as well get a new one as they are only about. Best to throw it out rather than burn down the house This dangerous piece of junk is also "Made in China". Therefore, I can no longer recommend Eureka products at this time. Not to be trusted for safety or quality. Vacumm was never that good anyway. Eureka ought to call itself "the Chinese junk company, use only when the fire department is present.

Exchange Bank - Junk Mail 4/1/08

Experian - Consistently Poor Quality Credit Reporting since its founding in 1980. You would think that the ones reporting your credit would have better credit. As a result, loans are written and jobs are not given based on very faulty information provided by this company. This hurts America. PROBLEMS: - 1) Multiple hoop jumping and 2) vague methodology to get name removed from so-called unethical 3) preapproved credit offer mailing lists which result in massive wastes of paper and time. We didn't authorize this company to use our information that way. 4) junk mail. 5) Errors in reports due to 6) poor verification. 7) Negative credit is NOT verified with consumers, putting the monkey on their back to find out. 8) No human voice to talk to. One of the most unethical businesses of our day, 9) resulting in millions of borrowers paying too much for their loans each year. 10) Lost thousands of clients credit information. Serious breach of trust with an already untrustworthy corporation. 11) Can't seem to remove a false business address under "notices".
red pawred pawred pawred pawred pawred paw 1) Joined to write a review but couldn't ever find the review link that they said was on every page. We'll at least they got my contact information for their merchants?????

Epson Printers - COLOR 850 for MACINTOSH 1) Because the name of the game in printing is to get you to buy the priinter cheap and then nail you on the ink, the Epson 850 becomes a total irritant in your life. 100 pages later, 2) I'm already buying a black and white and color cartidge for up to $40. 3) In the manual, it shows a utility to check your ink balance. On the computer, there isn't one. 4) When you try to clean to fix bad printing, it doesn't fix it. 5) When you try to replace the cartridge, it won't let you because the out of ink light isn't on and therefore the on printer instructions are meaningless. 6) If you go to repair the $300. printer, it will cost you a minimum of $55. and may or may not fix the problem. 7) Tech support could only say SORRY! 8) You have to pay dearly for every aspect of using this printer, including special hardware so it can work on an appletalk network. They drink ink, even in economy mode and go through 9) automatic head cleanings, which waste ink, every time you boot up the computer. 10) 850 printer becomes useless if you own Win XP or Mac OS 10. It is my intention not to buy any Epson products in the future. I have already opted away from Epson scanners due to company history. Updated 12/7/2002.


EWeek (Online Magazine) - This is a great free magazine for many subscribers in its hard format. However, it's webmail developers still write the links in a format that doesn't work on some Macintosh email readers despite numerous notifications of the problem. This represents why we don't want Microsoft programming to void the open standards of the web. Now, I simply take EWeek's electronic version and throw it in the trash immediately checking every few months to see if Eweeks programmers have fixed the problem - and they still haven't. If only EWeeks advertisers knew what Mac folks did with the emails! Oh well, what's five percent email sales loss worth anyway? Why should they care? 11/20/03

Expo Design Centers (Home Depot) 1) 99 Cent Pricing 10/28/02, 2) Poor service and relatively unfriendly place to shop for high end and high markup products. 1/14/06

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