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Imperial Majesty Cruises - 1) Unsolicited faxes 10/22/02

INDYMAC Bank - Represents all that unscrupulous banks represent today. 1) Look for hidden cancelation fees on their home equity lines of credit, in our case $350. 2) You must opt out of their sending your personal information to others and use your own stamp to do it!!!! or so they claim. 3) Also, as the day to finalize the loan came late, I had to call the Secretary of State to get them to honor our agreement. 10/21/04

INGRAM MICRO - 1) This company is a monopoly like Ebay or PayPal and will treat you accordingly. 2) In order to sell the products they represent, you must pay them $100 application fee. Only monopolies can do this AND get away with it. Other wise, you must try to find someone else to buy from. Good luck. Many products can only be obtained through Ingram Micro. Monopoly - Remember? 3) Then, even when you buy from them, you may not buy a sufficient quantity to compete with say, Wal Mart or Costco or any other vendor. Ingram is the bulwark to "price fixing" without government intervention. Ingram is what makes monopolies, monopolies. 4) And, if you don't buy anything over a period of time (as I'm told is stated in the contract you must sign before dealing with them), they throw out your account and you must pay the $100 application fee all over again. This is a demerit against any company that sells almost exclusively through Ingram Micro. 5) The attitude of the staff has consistently reflected Ingram policies by sounding arrogant and as though they could care less about you or whether you ever open an account. To sum up Ingram and the companies they represent in one word, I would use arrogant - in two words, extremely arrogant - in three words - small business unfriendly. 6) Another reason that the customers costs are so high is that the company gives millions (out of the country) to non-profits of their choice. - Avoid using Ingram Micro whenever possible. 6/15/08

Innovis - Credit Reporting. - 1) Multiple hoop jumping and 2) vague methodology is required to get an individual's name removed from lists. 3) Preapproved credit offer mailing lists result in an individual receiving massive 4) junk mail. 5) Errors in reports due to 6) poor verification. 7) Negative credit is NOT verified with the individual that is impacted, 7) putting the monkey on the individual's back to find out if there is derogatory information. 8) Big business has evolved around a consumer paying to get their own reports. 9) No human voice to talk to. 10) Infomation is not secure, nor private. 11) Information is often incorrect. This is one of the most unethical industries of our time. 12) resulting in millions of borrowers paying billions too much for their loans each year. You would think that the ones reporting your credit would have better credit! 12/19/2002 - 1) After giving tons of personal data, clicking on the final Continue button doesn't work. Undoubtedly I will get calls from agents now. I lost a lot of time filling out their forms only to have their page program and site fail. 10/21/2009
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Intelius (Identity Theft 911) 1) Claims false address information can't be changed or fixed. It is impossible because it comes from so many places. This just demonstrates the ludicrousness of all credit reporting agencies. They almost always send off bad information that can't be fixed. It's time for a new Credit Reporting Agency to be founded and for Experian and the other big ones to go the way of the dodo bird. They have seriously damaged American business and efficiency. 2/24/2010
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Intuit (Quicken 2001, 2002, 2003 & Quickbooks 2005 v7, 2006) for Macintosh - Producers of buggy and/or antiquated software that requires much better programming and testing prior to release, especially concerning Macintosh versions. 1) bugs generate expensive tech support calls which quicken allows the end user to pay for. 2) No free support - not for Quicken 2002 or Quickbooks 2005 v7, at least not to have what should be simple inventory setup questions answered. (updated 2005-08-24) 3) Quicken - Contact us button on web takes you to page not found. 4) Call times are at "0" minutes. No wonder - there are no phone numbers on the customer service pages. 5) Even the chat support page (for windows only) has no way to contact chat??? 6) Constant system crashes and tedious site rebuilds suggested on Mac environment? . (8/20/01) 7) Junk mail sent out with no phone numbers or email addresses to contact Intuit - only the web address 8/27/01.

8) They added a lot of gizmos for 2002, but no hint of increased stabillity- 9) Still can't produce reports elegantly nor print them elegantly either. For example, after you finally get what you want, you go through a myriad of adjustments just to keep things on the same page. Imagine the item and amount on different pages?

10) Upon reopening a crashed Quicken document, many of the categories were missing 11) Doesn't keep accurate track of payees, especially frustrating when you are trying to look up payments to a given vendor???. 12) When you try to open an alias to the Quicken document, it fails with an error message "An attempt to open a Quicken Document could not occur because of error -110. However, when you attempt it a second time, the error doesn't occur (version 2002). 13) Help function is for all intent and purpose, useless, especially when trying to print reports.

14) 2003 failed to upgrade data properly. When data was re-input, the program was still subject to numerous crashes. 15) End User License releases Quicken from all real or potential accounting disasters their programs might cause. 16) Try doing a search for a purchase from a particular vendor or company. You might spend the afternoon waiting as Quicken looks through each account. It is an abysmal search function, even with 2003!

17) In an attempt to further resolve additional graph crashing issues after a program reload, the phone tech told me there would be a charge for service. After the tech admitted that thought he was working a Mac line, 18) he was far from Mac exper and sounding as such, I decided not to pay Intuit to ATTEMPT to fix THEIR SOFTWARE PROBLEM which likely had no painless solution since all past solutions were time consuming failures. 12/11/2002. Inability to rename back up files. 12/12/02

19) try printing reports with this beast called quicken and you'll be lucky if you don't use 4 times the ink and paper needed to produce something that may or may not be useful. Intuit is a contradiction in terms since it's report generation is all but intuitive. Plan on spending a fortune on an "Anger Management" class. This is one program that will drive you to it!

20) Spam with no easy opt out.

21) Another support using their NEW online support has no reference for inventory and tax lines in the search engine for the Macintosh side. Another major blunder by Intuit. 6/15/2008

22) False advertising. Sent email with button to "get your free guide now" but that only goes to a page with the information, not a downloadable guide you could "get." - 5/21/2009

CONCLUSION: This may be the damned if you do, damned if you don't program of 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. Your data is probably not safe with Intuit products. This program acts like a belligerent PC program from the 80's. Too bad that Intuit was able to out-market this junk over legitimate accounting packages like Andrew Tobias' Managing Your Money. This is probably one of the most prevalent, but worst software packages available. Had I to start over, I would use a spreadsheet. Buggy and unreliable at best. IF YOU HAVEN'T STARTED WITH THIS PROGRAM, AS YODA MIGHT SAY, "WARNED YOUR ARE! CLICK HERE SEE SPECIAL ARTICLE

Quickbooks Pro 2006 thru v11.0.4 2010- In my opinion, there is no excuse for software that has been around for so long to be this buggy, especially when it concerns your bookkeeping. The IRS and various taxing authorities can't be given accurate information based on this software unless the stars are all in perfect alignment. Too bad Intuit has such a monopoly. Otherwise I don't think they could get away with this. It proves that some companies should get an A+ for marketing around such truly bad news. After all these years, the software is still tremendously buggy and updates don't always update elegantly. Fixes are more common, but its amazing how many bugs must be addressed for each patch. In past versions, the update process auto starts each time you open the program, downloading a new copy that won't update. It was stuck in update mode. To Quickbooks credit, unable to fix the issue, they refunded my money and allowed me to continue to use the program for two years where everytime I opened it I cancelled the update. 1/23/2010. Finally, on January 14, 2008, they sent me an email recommending the installation of a new update that stopped the auto-update. So far it is working. This is quite a coincidence. I just called them yesterday and said I wouldn't buy the Quickbooks for 2007 and would wait for the 2008 version because of the multitude of bugs in the 2006 version, including the auto update bug. Apparently, the Intuit salesman thinks they will not have a 2008 version. Unfortunately, they dominate this market and Mac users wait with baited breath for some serious competition. 1/14/08 Thought I'd give yet another example of how badly written Quickbooks software is. When you type 104246-F you get AC4246-F until you fix it by backspacing in another screen. Would this bug bug you? Of course it would. Yet everyone at Intuit must've missed it. Many other features digressed. Such as auto fill to categories when setting up new inventory items. Not only do some screens stretch across the window and then some, but others in say "cost of goods" categories start at "bank accounts" after 2010 upgrade. Again, nobody at Intuit seems to have noticed. Oh, and the last rebuild data attempt failed. 1/26/10, 23) Crashes upon adding or moving accounts - This has been happening for years and Intuit still doesn't have the programmers capable of fixing it. 24) Also happening for years, has been the account confusion where sometimes you can add levels and sometimes you cannot. 2/5/2010
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Michael P. Murphy
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I Listings (Cont.)

barIOGear - Computer Products. - 1) Hoop jumping via requirement that a UPC code is included to obtain a rebate. Most people throw out the box when they get the product and prior to submitting for a rebate. This tactic is used to reject rebates. 2) Poor Registration form without adequate spaces and printing on back telling purchaser to keep form but to submit survey for entry in contest, but the submission doesn't have any way to connect buyer with submission so buyer can't possibly win the contest using the form. 3) Forced to fill out survey to register product. Posted 12/12/02

Iomega (extremely mismanaged purveyor of total junk - Should have been out of business years ago.) - Maker of data storage devices- 1) 99 cent pricing. 2) Claims to store so many pictures with an asterisk to demonstrate reasoning. It's like seeing estimated milage on a car. You'll be lucky if you make the estimate. 12/19/05 3) Had to go to Smarter.Com to get Iomega's Toll Free phone number. 3/22/09 4) One thing is for sure, Iomega products will eventually stop working and then how do you get the data off the Zip Disks??? On top of that, support will end so backing up to anything Iomega is really a waste of time and potentially a loss of data. Take my FotoShow. They quit making it, mine is broken for no particular reason other than not using it for a few years, or so it seems, and now I can't see years of pictures I stored on Zip Disks. Thank you Iomega for yet another bum product from a bum company. Posted 4/22/09 5) The Story gets better. Apparently, this is a known problem with the equipment in their own forums. The company's attitude is tough luck. When I tried to use the forum the user name and password didn't work and it gave an error message saying contact the forum administrator. However, there was no link for the administrator on the page. Furthermore, I purchased what was supposed to be a new in box unit on ebay. However, the product arrived used and without a remote or disks. When tested with my remote, it didn't work either. Seller was obviously trying to pawn off her bad unit suffering from the same problem as mine. It would no longer respond to the remote and was by design totally remote dependent. Of course, Iomega, having manufactured this flawed and defective product has nothing to say. 6) Out of warranty support is $25 per call. The toll free number listed for Iomega went to an advertisement for 7)Iomega has no "contact us" link on their homepage. I guess they don't want to be bothered. (You can find one from the support page though.) 8) The email support link wouldn't recognize the user and password they sent to me via email. Would have called, but you know where that would lead. Posted 5/9/09 - 9) Note: In 1998, the Federal Trade Commission settled charges that Iomega failed to honor rebate promotions in a timely manner in a record-setting cash settlement designed to send a message to other manufacturers. 10) Called Tech support during normal business hours. Call went dead numerous times after going thru cue. Bigger waste of time on an extremely defective product StorCenter iX2, 11/1/2010
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Italian Government - 1) Part of the International conspiracy to prevent free trade by not allowiing the importation of common goods from the United States. In effect, it is a form of economic warfare against the people of both countries by their governments. 9/25/07

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