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Kahana Falls Timeshare - This is a good example as to why you should not purchase a Timeshare. 1) Our salesmen misrepresented 2 bedroom lock-off aspects. Kahana Falls doesn't really have 2 bedroom lock-offs (unless you pay extra as a member of RCI). Lock-offs usually mean you can use a room one week in one place and then another room for another week someplace else. 2) The Board dictates rules that change your ability to use your property without your direct consent. 3) The Board recently made it so that if you let them assign your timeshare, you also may not use lock off privileges even if you have RCI. 4) The board and management is unresponsive to us as Timeshare owners. Our letter regarding our concerns was never addressed 5) Kahana Falls was at risk of losing its five star RCI status (Gee, I wonder why???), unbeknownst to us as buyers (should have been disclosed if it were a normal real estate deal). 6) Board only meets once a year? Even a homeowner association with far fewer owners meets monthly. No wonder we can't get responses or action as homeowners. 7) Let's see how they rent units and what generates the profits and to whom? 8) They can get rid of your unit for you on a nightly rental basis which is the scam of the whole industry because you make very little money, not even enough to pay for your maintenance costs.

Kahana Falls is exactly what gives the whole industry a bad name. It doesn't seem to give a damn about its Timeshare members. There are just too many greedy folks and distant boards writing rules on behalf of people they have never even met. As homeowners, we are really in the dark until its too late and the fiduciary responsibility of the board is really a joke when it comes to Timeshare. I have to wonder if the Kahana Falls Board and the Management have a conflict of interest. We homeowners certainly don't seem to be represented. While we lose our time or money, I'm sure management is still making money. Sounds like a win/lose situation. I have yet to hear from Kahana Falls. I don't plan to ever buy another Timeshare and really feel for those poor suckers that paid full retail for their Kahana Falls Timeshare. I'm this mad and only paid half on the secondary market. Most people are afraid to tell the truth about their property for fear that they won't be able to sell it and get any money for it. That's why most people keep quiet. However, with me, its the principle and lack of integrity in the whole business. Gee. I wonder why Kahana Falls depreciated so drastically?? Think I'm alone? Check out this address and others on the web. KAHANA FALLS has since lost its Gold Crown Status with RCI and its Property Manager has left with yearly fees and taxes the highest in Hawaii at over 1,200 per year. Resale values have plummetted to under $5,000. from an initial retail price of $25,000 before 1990. BEWARE OF ALL RCI, INTERVAL INTERNATIONAL AND TIMESHARE PRACTICES. STATE ATTORNEY GENERALS HAVE NOT DONE MUCH ABOUT THIS TO DATE 6/28/07

Howard Kaloogian

KB Toys - Certain Companies have earned their bankruptcy through poor corporate level management. This is one of those companies.1) Poor tracking of market pricing. 2) Poor system for taking tax exempt purchases. 3) .99 cent pricing. 4) Won't honor discount programs. i.e. KB ran a promotion that if you bought things on 4 different occasions, you would get a card stamped 4 times giving you 25% off the next purchase. When they randomly ended the promotion, they would not honor the fully stamped cards even though nobody knew when the promotion would end. Very tricky, but stupid. I and others now shop at Toys R US more. (as of 1/15/04)

Michael P. Murphy
DBA The Small Businessman -
Technical Site Coordinator and Registrant

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K Listings (Cont.)

barHoward KALOOGIAN, (Move America Forward Melanie Morgan) - 1) Unremovable spam 2) Constant solicitation for money. As far as I'm concerned, if you support this group, you are supporting a criminal Republican organization. FBI IS DOING NOTHING. 2006

John Kerry - 1) Got Democratic Nomination, then exposes plan to increase most aspects of the military in preparation to deal with Iran and other possible threats in America's role of world ruler and protector. Most Democrats must be feeling they elected a lemon that's looking more and more like his fellow Skull and Bonesman George Bush every day. Look at it this way, he's just doing what Congress and the Senate did when they gave Bush authority to go into Iraq in the first place. If you think you have a two party system, look again. There is a hidden meaning behind the word "bipartisan." It simply means one party. Bankruptcy and War is not my idea of a fun future. Speaking of which, 2) Kerry plans to spend 30 billion on Tech R&D and Broadband with no explanation as to where its going to come from other than through lowering corporate taxes which makes Kerry a great "trickle down" Republican. He gives a new meaning to "Voodoo" economics too. Oh yeah, he'll sell us back our bandwidth to fill any void. In reality, we have to ask if he's going to print it? Is he going to tax us for it? Is he going to sell bonds that our children have to pay back? The missing tax revenue has to come from somewhere. With Bush being a big spender and lying about the size of the national debt campaigning on 7 trillion when the debt is actually well over 100 trillion. I'd put my money on the only fiscally responsible candidate, Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party.

Kohl's - 1) Junk Mail 2) Paper waste (envelope sent contains one card that could have been sent alone). - 4/3/08

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