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Lambs Honda (Auburn, CA) - Junk Mail 10/15/01.

League of Women's Voters - 1) Using the debates as a vehicle to shut out third parties (even qualified third parties) from the Senate debates in 2004. Working for the Democrats and Republicans, the League has always been, more or less, their "girls." We can't expect an honest and open forum from this organization until they open up the debates to third parties. They know that out-of-site is out of mind. After not allowing California's third largest party into the Schwarzennegar debates when he got elected, some wide awake Americans realized that the system is fixed and skewed. Thanks to the League, we can look forward to endless wars and a skyrocking national debt charged to our not-even-born children. They also locked Judge James Gray out of the Senate Debates - DO NOT WATCH ANY DEBATES HOSTED BY THE LEAGUE OR BY THE COMMITTEE ON PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES. THESE DEBATES ARE RIGGED AND WILL RESULT IN A BORING POLITICAL SHERADE AT BEST! - 8/1/04

Lexmark - 1) 99 cent pricing, "Means don't trust us." 9/1/02 2) "Free" incentive printers don't work with incentivised machines like the Apple iBook. 3) Customers are referred to manufacturer of computer 8/25/02. 4) Black ink cartridges and printer cables are not supplied. Customer is often not aware that to supply those things the price of the "Free" incentive computer can climb up to around $70.00.

Leslie, Time (CA Legislature) - 1) Using taxpayer's money as an incumbent assemblyman to distribute his advocacy for 2) bigger state government and more controls over we the people with Senate Bill 1, the state's Office of Privacy Protection and Federal Trade Commission. 3) Junk Mail (He could improve his website to handle such communication for far less money and while he's at it 4) he could post his full record. 4) Tim uses scary evidence that the average business and financial institution loses $10,000 per victim without footnotes to the source of his evidence. 5) He fails to note that institutions use such scary figures as an excuse to raise rates and charges and that that is why they fail to prosecute or locate suspects and why only one in 700 thieves get caught. I know firsthand having watched one Credit Card company after another intentionally drop the ball even when they knew who the perpetrator was. Good thing I hear that he may not run for this office again.


Michael P. Murphy
DBA The Small Businessman -
Technical Site Coordinator and Registrant

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L Listings (Cont.)

barLiberty Names of America, Inc. (Domain Name Registrar) - 1) Junk Mail, 2) Starts off "reminding you" that you need to renew your domain. Many users that don't read the notice very carefully, might assume that they owe them money to renew their domain even though they are currently using another registrar. Not only that, they charge an outrageous price that is probably more, and in my case over 300% more) than their current registrar. Another company, Register.Com, was so successful at this type of deceipt that it is now one of the largest in the business. I hate seeing the word "Liberty" associated with such a disgusting offer. This is enough for me NOT to play with this company at all. 10/31/05. Still up to the same games 2 years later on 3/26/07 and again four years later on 2/25/09, four years later. This time, they added that you could take advantage o fthe savings they have to offer you when, again, they are actually 300 percent more than the customer targeted. They prey on public stupidity. Caveat Emptor - Latin for "Let the buyer beware."
red pawred paw

Linux Computer Boxes - 1) Want something for almost nothing, then a Linux box is your answer. However, you do indeed get what you pay for in this wet dream for those that long for the good ol'days of DOS. Linux, thus far, has proven that the "good ol' days aren't all they were cracked up to be from 2) installation problems to 3) general uselessness for lack of support and drivers, Linux is not the answer to replace the corporate swindling Wintel and Macorola world "we the lemmings" have supported thus far. Probably never will be. OS's are unstable and planned obsolescence has always been an integral part of the industry. Patches is where the money is is at. If computers didn't break every five minutes, where would the industry be? At least Linux is something for the geeks to play with rather than hack-venting on the unstable and unethical world of the American Corporation where IBM is attempting hedge its bets with the new OS. Now that's the real irony, isn't it? 12/16/02.

Littermaid - 1) Faulty designs where motor burns out within a few years and past the one year warranty (Mega Model) 2) Enquired on website about fixing the product and received an email requiring me to open the battery compartment to get model number and provide it to them along with purchase information. It wasn't there. 3) An alternative for other models was to look in the box next to the battery compartment. It wasn't there either (as a matter of fact no compartment door at all). 4) I tried calling but got them after hours after enduring the phone options list. 5) I reached them after going through an excruciating phone cue that made me think they'd rather I didn't call them and really wanted me to go back to the website that had failed. Imagine hearing about their website twice and then having them slowly spell out the address over the phone. 6) Phone cue voice said that if I didn't have the model number, the support people wouldn't be able to help me. 7) Phone support came on after a short wait, went through the process and informed me that they have no motors or parts for my model. (Basically, I had a $200 paperweight. I think that Littermaid is aware of the product flaws as new ones are somewhat revised but far from perfect products.) 8) The proper litter for them is also very hard to find and pet store recommended litters are a muddy disaster. - 7/8/2008

LNW Insurance Administrators - (Sells Accident Insurance through Credit Unions) 1) Called within business hours, (before 5 pm on Wednesday and nobody answered. Instead, a extremely long drawn out message was played to me with no way to talk to anyone. Did they all go home??? How easy would it be to file a claim if this is what I got just trying to find out about them? If they are legit, I hope they address this issue. 2/23/2010.
Black Paw

Longs Drugs - Junk Mail 8/15/01.

Lowe's Home Improvement - Poor Accent Lighting section in Roseville Store. Constantly out of stock and I leave store seldom filling needs for all areas. (Poor Buyer) 12/4/04.CLICK HERE SEE SPECIAL ARTICLE

Lysol Brand - 1) Disinfectant spary warning label says do not get in eyes or skin. However, defective spray nozel leaks onto trigger pouring product over hand while spraying to surface. posted 5/11/09.



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