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Macally - Computer Hardware - 1) Poor website search engine. i.e. type in "istick," which is one of their legacy products that has support on the website, in the search engine, and results show nothing found. Poor WebSite Search Engine - 5/20/09
black paw

Macromedia Software - Frustrating Site Design 8/16/01.
Have been trying for over 24 hours to find the Dreamweaver templates on their site. i.e. ezine. The site took me everywhere I didn't want or need to go, including the ezine site itself, but still no template download center. For the king of site designing programs who's pages crashed my Mac numerous times and after updating everything (which was not really very out of date at all) and having to open the site with the latest Netscape vs. Explorer to prevent crashes, I found the site to be EXTREMELY inelegant to say the very least. It was one of the worst sites I had been to in weeks. To date, I never found the templates. Then, in an ATTEMPT to send an email to support, I found it rejected for errors (serial number) because my service card printed offset from the factory and put the SKU in where serial number was supposed to be??? Was this site tested adequately? Not! According to a recent email the tech is forwarding this to appropriate site developer for correction. 8/20/01 2) When I asked about support if I paid $199 to upgrade, staff said I would only get 2 free installation support calls. Considering how buggy MX 6.1 is, and the fact that the help menus don't even work, which would in turn drive me to call Macromedia about all the constant program flaws, to invest in another most likely buggy version would be expensive suicide. Incidents run about $200 a piece or 5 free support calls for $700!!!!! I thought the guy must have been out of his mind to quote that kind of price since many calls will be Macromedia's own fault, especially if the program's help doesn't even work, as is the case with MX 6.1 on my machine. I'm staying with MX 6.1, the devil I know. 12/20/04

MacWarehouse -1) 99 cent pricing. 3) Gimmicky asterisks with conditions that take the excitement out of the deal, such as mandatory RAM installation at a whopping $39.95 ($40.00 for smart people.). 10/24/02, 11/5/02

Magnavox - 1) Departments don't relay comments to appropriate department. 2) Must call another number for warranty info. 3) Invoices do not have phone number or 4) due date.- 8/25/01.

Marriott's Maui Ocean Club (Timeshare) -1) Unsolicited mail. 2) Aggressive Marketing for timeshare vacation sales 2) Because of Marriott's inability to book vacations in a timely, practical and useable manner, a request for full refund is pending for an unusable vacation deposit. If a full refund is accomplished, this should well reflect J.W. Marriott's commitment to value and quality standards and will not reflect negatively on the Marriott name at this site. 3) Refused refund.. 4) However, management has been looking into the case and has tried to contact us regarding this issue, but did not get back to us even at the resort in Hawaii. 5) Staff is apparently wont' refund unscheduled vacation deposits or to get you in touch with Marriott's corporate offices.

Maytag - Stanford Ranch Road, Rocklin CA - Not your mother's Maytag any more 1) when moving into new home in Sun City, this store said Maytag doesn't do installs or hookups for Maytag equipment that isn't an initial sale. They would not even recommend a plummer or handyman to do it. 2) Their own installers on initial install could never get the washer balanced. - 3/21/07

MBNA America (Credit Card Company)- 1) Intro APR & 2) repeated Junk Mail soliciting your business with extraordinary offers. 8/25/01. MBNA typifies modern unethical banking. 3) They will reduce credit lines based on credit reports without immediate notification to the customer. i.e. You assume a credit limit of $10,000. You write a supplied check to deposit in your checking for $2000 which would bring your balance to $9000. However, unbeknownst to you, MBNA lowered your credit line the day before to $8000 for whatever reason. A letter is probably sent out and 4) you may receive it 10 days later. Meanwhile, 5) MBNA returns the check to your bank generating charges such as a 6) $29 returned check fee and a fee from your own bank. 7) MBNA will also charge for the check that never was honored (usually around $50.) A courtesy call would have prevented all of the above. Credit cards are unreliable as banks. Their mistake - you pay. Your mistake - you pay! Try not to use credit cards to avoid common unethical (although apparently legal) banking schemes designed to rip you off! 10/30/03 8) Does the "we screwed you" letter where baited low interest rates are raised for any subjective reason (whether you pay on time or not) from rates as low as 1%-12% immediately to 25% causing monthly payments to jump hundreds of dollars with little or in at least one case, no warning. 9) Then they offer to refinance all your debt. If you offer to pay a higher payment than the $200 to $400 they now want you to pay at the higher interest in order to stop the high interest, they counter with payments of $1000 per month. If you support the mafia, then you won't mind supporting banks like MBNA. This ought to be a criminal organization. However, their lobbyists make sure they walk a fine wire where government run by Republicans and Democrats actually help them get away with it, then both parties claim the economy is doing great and there is no inflation. Even dumber are their constituents that re-elect them and borrow on credit with MBNA without reading the very, very fine print which warns you - we are extortionists, so watch out! Many Americans will be forced into bankruptcy by these actions over the coming years. The government will back the banks and the theft of your money. I'm simply hoping that they go out of business. Evil is as evil does. There's no reason for it to try to improve. Simply shut the doors and go away. Furthermore, the executives of this organization should be barred from the banking community indefinitely. Expect to see some class actions on this one. (9/2/04)

McAfee (Computer Software and Virus Utilities) - UNSTABLE AND UNRELIABLE SOFTWARE - WARNING! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! INADEQUATE SUPPORT. 1) Unclear instructions and customer really doesn't know exactly what it is doing to their system or what it's status is, especially regarding Virex for the Macintosh. 2) In this area, software should be especially reliable. It is not. As of March 2008, 3) McAfee still advertises in MacWorld, but I have to wonder why. When going to the posted website, nothing on the page seems to even mention MacIntosh. To me, that is a very bad sign or a tremendous marketing blunder. Trust with the bowels of my Mac? I think not.

Merchant Circle ( - 1) Cold Calling cell phone. 2) Fishing for business by calling about a comment left about business on site, but there is no comment on the site when you look. I figure as this depression gets deeper, we'll see more desperate moves by businesses to up their hit counters like this. 3) I attempted to sign up but free turned into pay only packages. Not selecting a package and logging out got me a "503 Service not available message." So far Merchant Circle looks like a total scam for your information. Notice that if you have problems with a company at this site, it doesn't cost anything to look yourself or your company up and only an email to respond!!! 4/22/08

Mexican Government - Part of the International conspiracy to prevent free trade by not allowiing the importation of common goods from the United States. In effect, it is a form of economic warfare against the people of both countries by their governments. 9/25/07

Michael P. Murphy
DBA The Small Businessman -
Technical Site Coordinator and Registrant

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M Listings (Cont.)

barMicrosoft Corporation -For Full Report Click Here (Too much for this page)

Mid-West National Life Insurance Company of Tennessee - Frequent Junk Mail 9/25/01, 11/03/01. 1) Sends job application email to clients, but apparently the client does not have an account. Who's on first at Monster? 2) Even using the same email address used to contact the client to request a password reset causes an error stating that that email client doesn't exist at - 6/8/2008

Mortgage Services - (representing various bottom feeding" mortgage companies by sending illegal unsolicited faxes that they don't mind using up your ink and fax paper to do their advertisements) The number to block is (800) 709-0758 & 0768. They will send numerous faxes to the same number even if you are on a "do not call list" Report this company to the phone company. 7/9/04.

Move America Forward (Howard KALOOGIAN, Melanie Morgan) - 1) Un removable spam 2) Constant solicitation for money to support propaganda. As far as I'm concerned, if you support this group, you are supporting a criminal Republican organization. Then again, Republicans and Demcrats write the laws, not me. The two most likely people I wouldn't have over for dinner? Since I am never actually removed from their spam list, perhaps they don't really exist at all?

MSNBC Microsoft Network - 1) EXTREMELY BIAS REPORTING TRUST AT YOUR OWN RISK (PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS THROUGH 2ND WAR AGAINST IRAQ) ONE RED PAW PER YEAR- 2001,2) 2002,3) 2003, 4) 2004, 5) 2005, 6) 2006, 7) 2007, 8) 2008



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