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Pacific Bankers Mortgage - Junk Mail. Fake Check 10/12/01.

Pacific Shore Funding - 1) Junk Mail. 2) Using Western Union, 3) No Company Name on envelope. 10/22/01. 4) Set up ABC program where you receive a card that looks like a credit card but simply is enticement to apply for a a loan. This is one of many lenders that has "tacky" written all over itself! 8/23/02

Palm Computing - 11 page EUSLA (End User Software License Agreement) that, because of its length, few will bother reading (in Palm's favor). It even has a "Preamble" like the Constitution of the United States of America. 2) Multiple factors can cause lost data, especially when syncing Palm devices with multiple programs on multiple machines and Operating Systems. (Java Maybe?). 3) Though it calls itself free software, it is actually only an excuse to not have a warranty as stated at the end of it's "War and Peace" EUSLA. When you buy Palm OS device, you paid for the software. Trust Corporate America anyone? 12/8/02.

Panasonic - 1) If you want me to do a registration survey, you at least provide the stamp! Penny pinching? 1/31/02.

Papa Murphy's - 1) Junk Mail, 2) 99 cent pricing 4/3/08.

PayPal (An Ebay Company) m This is one monopoly web payment service owned another eBay auction monopoly)- 1) Extremely poor communications with customers. 2) A buyer paid thru PayPal in Singapore, the item was shipped to buyer, then buyer took back payment. 3) PayPal was no help in resolving the issue. The buyer essentially stole the goods with PayPal's assistance. 4) Purchased by eBay presenting an extreme conflict of interest. 5) Hides business phone numbers on the net so it's almost impossible to resolve any issues 6) If you read and read and read web pages, you might find a helpful FAQ. (If you think of PayPal as a bank, these aspects alone should straighten you out. Still not resolved (repeated) 8/20/01 7)Company sends reply email claiming an issue was resolved, though it was actually not resolved. 8) Confusing interface 9) Buttons that only work with PCs due to proprietary non-web friendly MS Java scripting (i.e. printing invoices or packing slips). 10) No apparent way to inform their webmaster of the problem.) 11)Vendors are not paid commissions due to them based on hidden minor technicalities when customers marketed by the vendor do in fact join PayPal. This is an extreme ethics violation from an institution handling banking type activities and associated with online shopping carts and auction houses. Use at your own risk. 12) Vendor says you can use a credit card thru PayPal, but PayPal forces user to drain bank account first. (the excuse that this is done for random reasons not known to customer service.)13) Called support number, both toll free and toll to speak about last issue. The recording said they were too busy, and to use the web or call back later????Last entry. 14) Trying to email customer service required the use of an ID lookup button that doesn't work. 15) Phone call is delivered through a voice question answer system that doesn't work. 16) Again, there is the "due to high call volume" excuse following an "inclement weather" excuse. Periodically, they again use the "unusually high call volume" excuse. 17) While on hold they try to sell you things and give you their marketing hype. 18) recommends that you go back to the web and select Help. 19) Hold time was from 8:40 to 9:00 a.m. This company figures they are safe by having a monopoly while. 20) Then both the sales rep and a manager recommended that I contact the seller, refund the refund, have her resubmit my refund and then I could get my $1.46 back from PayPal. 21) The way I heard it, the manager said there was no way she could do it herself. I know that it could have been refunded by past experience. This has earned PayPal one of the worst reputations on the Internet. The eBay PayPal monopolistic policy is that we sellers and buyers need them so much that they can treat us like dirt and get away with it, saving themselves the expense of real customer service. If we don't like them, stop using them. 1/6/04 22) Offering free Equifax Credit Alerts but not providing immediate links to it. Free??? 2/8/07 23) Still hasn 't improved poor quality service by poor selections of automated phone service 24) Still constantly claims "unusual call volume" 2/8/07 25) Apparently there is no link to the Equifax Credit Protection according to Customer Service, so we're all looking for something that doesn't exist ... yet. COME ON FULL SERVICE COMPETITION, WHERE ARE YOU? 25) Still after 7 years, can't answer the phone prompty, 26) has staff that can't answer questions, especially in understandable English. 27) Last tech said I'd have to call the same number again to get a tech because he didn't know the answers which in the end will prove to be site flaws dealing with shipping calculation errors. 28) Is it PayPal or is it fraud? On Nov 15, 2007 PayPal Consumer Support responded to a refund request for double billing on postage with a generic email with a set of steps on how to get a "one time credit" for their double billing. If it happens again and you don't report it within 48 hours, they, the USPS or both, get to keep your money! That's the red paw. The next red paw is for sending the email with a reference number that does not appear to be searchable within PayPal or the post office and no reference to the item in question. This works on PayPal's behalf in two ways. #1 They know customers that sell lots of items may not bother to jump through all the hoops necessary to refind the item number in question and then go back to their response to follow the instructions to get back the money that was "accidentally" taken from them. Ebay and PayPal make refunds of their money extremely difficult and since they have a virtual monopoly on the industry, they know you'll let them kick you numerous times before you'll stop using their service no matter how corrupt it is. PayPal and Ebay are an extreme conflict of interest.

PennySaver - Junk Mail sent weekly without request. (repeated) 8/15/01

Personal Organizer for the Macintosh) - See Chronos L.C. Software

The Pest Detective- The industry itself and not Clark specifically, needs to take steps to reglate itself. They have been living high on the hog by a nations dependency on them to conform to loan and buyer requirements. There is an EXTREME conflict of interest with Pest control companies that do pest reports for approximately $100 and then offer to repair what they find with the sometimes included incentive that they won't charge for a post work inspection. This leaves the industry wide open to find as much work as possible and to exaggerate the findings usually at the expense of the seller. Best to remedy this as an industry before more government regulation occurs. The Pest inspection and Pest control idustries need to be separate. The report doesnt' differentiate between redwood framed homes (usually older homes and regular wood framed homes). Redwood is termite resistant. They don't like the taste. This is also conveniently overlooked by this corrupted industry. See

Petco - 99 cent pricing 10/15/01

PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric Company)- This company is typical of any government backed monopoly constantly stealing from the public with government's endorsement. If you can get them out of you town, by all means do so. 1) Biased rate tiering. 2) Junk Mail 3) Expensive and constant printing of brochures trying to assauge the public for why they are justified in ripping them off. These costs are passed on to the customer. So called automatic metering which will supposedly cause the layoff of meter readers, actually raises prices for customers. 4) PUC is virtually owned by the utility companies and enables PG&E to get away with its monopoly. 4/15/09, 5) Another of many increases for this monopoly in the past year and in a down economy as elecric use goes down. This one is to fund wind power development. 2/4/2010
red pawblack pawred pawred paw
red paw

Philips (ToUcam Pro) - 1. Tech support says that they included sofware, but they don't have anything to do with it, you'll have to call them. 2. Misleading packaging. Included software is actually shareware - You must pay $20 to activate it. 3. Horribly inelegant Macintosh installation that leaves too much to the imagination. 4. Product does not sit stablly. 5. The box also claims 60 frames per second, but the software included only goes up to 30. 9/5/01(VCR/DVD Combo Unit) 6. Poorly trained tech support staff that requested product be returned because they didn't know how to set it up. Is this the best the French can do?



Michael P. Murphy
DBA The Small Businessman -
Technical Site Coordinator and Registrant

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P Listings (Cont.)

barPinnacle Systems (Software) - 1) 99 Cent Pricing, 2) Constant promotional bombardment for expensive upgrades, both version and "plus." 10/20/04

Pizza Guys ( - 1) 99 Cent Pricing 2) Junk Mail 6/5/08

The Pizza Place (Rocklin/Auburn CA) - 1) 99 Cent Pricing 3/1/08

Placer County Water Agency (Rocklin/Auburn CA) - 1)Monopoly pricing. 2) Very poor website with buttons that don't click through when trying to make payments, etc. 3/1/08
red pawred paw

The Pizza Place (Rocklin/Auburn CA) - 1) 99 Cent Pricing 3/1/08
black paw

Playboy Magazine - Junk Mail 10/15/01

Property Tax Adjusters ( 1) Offers to charge Placer County CA customers $99 for something Placer County does for free automatically with the exception of offering additional, possibly unnecessary, services. (according to the letter, you can get a full refund. Of course they don't tell you what the county does do automatically. 2) Junk Mail 6/19/08
black pawblack paw

ProTec Patio Covers & Sunrooms - 1) 99 Cent Pricing 2) Junk Mail 6/5/08

Providian Financial Corporation (Providian Visa) - Jump from 19.8 % interest to Prime plus 19.24% for no apparent reason per 9/27/02 Mailing. 2) Called 800 number and it received call but only heard voices in background for 5-10 minutes. 3) Woman on phone was unable to tell what cardholder's current interest rate was and holder closed account (which meant there would be no increase.). 4) increase would be on old charges too if customer didn't cancel card.

Public Advocate of the U.S. (Administrative Office / Records Department- Huge deception. You think you are opening an envelope with a check in it only to find an American Morality Survey. Then, the junk mail goes on to take a position against what it calls "radical homosexuals." This is definitely a case of "the pot calling the kettle black." All of this is under the guise of the United States Government. 8-15-01

PNY Technologies - Computer Memory - Cleverly makes you send in UPC code that when cut out, takes away your toll free support number. At the same time, it cuts out your warranty which is theoretically voided if altered in any way. However, advertising for other products is unaffected.





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