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Radiological Associates of Sacramento - Junk Mail 10/13/01

Radio Shack - 1) Did not honor Dish Network $50. RadioShack giftcard rebate. 2) Numerous hassles trying to get through to rebate folks even through Radioshacks main number 3) even when main number is or contact link is not shown on Radio Shack's home page (hiding it). Dish would not honor rebate either. 4) Dropped calls. 5) Won't do research. 6) Legal won't take calls from customers. 6/27/07

Ray O. Cook Heating & Air - 1) Junk Mail 2) Not havnig business name on envelope so it looks like a personal letter from the "Cook Family." 7/21/09
Black PawBlack Paw

RC Willey - 1) Junk Mail 2) 99 cent pricing. 6/5/08
Black PawBlack Paw

RealMac Software (Rapid Weaver) - 1) V4.1 consistently crashes for no apparent reason. 2) Though problem is posted on the Internet in numerous places, Realmac doesn't seem to have a response and the silence is deafening. 3) Hidden Phone number (not evident on website) 4) Software gives message that the site has been uploaded before it starts uploading???- 6/9/08

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) (not recommended even though RCI is hard to avoid for some timeshare holders where your resort requires it to use resort's full features. Added cost is definitely not worth the extremely poor quality services provided. This is one of Get'em's top ten "evil" companies to date.)- 1) Lack of availability (book Hawaii 2 years in advance even though there should be availability when one considers the numbers and the fact that we traded out a gold crown Hawaiian unit in the first place.2) Renting properties that you paid the maintenance on to increase profits at your expense. (There needn't be expirations where you lose your points or weeks). 3) Horrid Website which appears to have been designed to discourage use so that your unit can be rented while you pay the expenses. It is slow and difficult to use. For example, let's say you are discouraged because you realize that nothing good is available unless you book it years in advance. However, if you want to pay extra for a week, the places suddenly are availabe. So RCI recommends you go to their website and see what's available. However, they don't seem to have anyway to find locations based on availability. Then, I tried calling again. However, their offices were closed. 4) If anyone should have 24/7 support, its RCI, especially when one considers the whole world is their oyster. However, they do not - simply another discouragement to using your timeshare so they can rent it to someone else on your dime. 5) Very misleading marketing that answers the question "How far ahead do I have to ask for an exchange." Answer: "The farther ahead, the better. Remember that the most popular areas fill up quickly. So it's also a good idea to have several possible destinations in mind. Instead of focusing only on trying to get a particular resort, consider the region and what activities appeal to you and your family." To interpret this into true speak: Don't even bother trying for the descent resort you really want. Instead, despite your premium resort, plan on a lower resort off season during a hurricane. 6) Pin number system seldom works and has no way without phoning in information to correct data-again supporting above reasons. (See Timeshare article) 9/2/04 7) BAIT AND SWITCH - When ordering an exchange for a 2 bedroom lockout, one week with hotel and one with the one bedroom clarifying it with the RCI representatives, our confirmation came with only a small hotel room (no kitchen) for both weeks. I wonder what they did with the one bedroom after we lost that value in trade. When we called they "claimed" nothing else would be available.

As Suze Orman recommends on her show, keep you money safely out of the Timeshare industry. To me, the industry looks like a place where the Mafia went to hide out.

8) Dropped calls. One representative went to follow-up on problems and while on hold, an automated voice asked if I would like to take a survey or hang up. Of course, this was after another RCI employee actually dropped the call. Of course I took the survey and then the service hung up the phone. 9) No one ever got back to us regarding upgrading the one week as requested. I think they expect you to call everyday. 10) RCI booked both weeks with a night in between with no place to sleep. I don't know what they were thinking. 11.) When they found a week to replace the one they made in massive error, they wanted to charge me approximately $90. to correct their mistake. RCI eventually did honor the correction without charging for it. However, the confirmation fax was sent prior to my getting a fax machine hooked up, contrary to my request. The fellow was oriental and couldn't understand me. 12) RCI doesn't send email confirmations. This would be alot easier and more immediate. After all, we have to book air right away.

Red Hat (Software) Associates of Sacramento - 1) mistated earnings -source eWeek 7/19/04

REGISTER.COM - I have appropirately nicknamed "THE MAFIA OF THE INTERNET." This is the kind of company that gives the Internet and the free enterprise system a bad name. Though the paws are few, they are serious ones causing me to invent the new "Red Paw" and is the first to receive it. Starting with its use of misleading junkmail (1), pretending to be the recipients real domain provider and causing an untold quantity of recipients to pay a different company an exhorbinant amount to renew their domains in their name (2). Those who register with this company upon finding out about the high rates often try to move to another registrar only to discover that REGISTER.COM won't release their domain name which is the client's personal property, not the registrar's (3). This is akin to a storage unit, not allowing you to take your personal things to another storage unit provider. I will personally have to contact Network Resolutions to try to force the change around them (4). Numerous emails have been sent without a response(5). The customer waited endlessly on hold trying to call(6), with a resulting conversation that basically said tough luck(7). Then, as the kiss of death, a week later another exhorbinant charge was applied to the client's credit card, now without their permission(8), as REGISTER.COM renewed the domain in their own name for 2 more years(9). This is the kind of company that forces government intervention and controls at the expense of taxpayers, again giving the Internet, the free enterprise system, and since they sell internatinally, America, a bad name! Fortunately, for the informed client, there are numerous alternatives to this bottom feeding company. 5/19/02 Domain name registrations can only be submitted online. Phone calls and orders will not be accepted. (From Site)(10)Want to see a stock chart on this company. Go to STOCKCHART. Try choosing the three year, quarterly chart. Wonder why it keeps on going down???? Duh! Well, we can't give a paw for falling stock, sorry. 11) Here is their Disclaimer and opening paragraph. is being sued by Baidu, Incfor damages Baidu says was caused by a hacking attack through servers. 1/20/2010

Ironically,", Inc., referred to as "" or "" at its sole discretion, may choose to change the terms, conditions and operation of this Web site at anytime. By using this service the user waives any rights or claims it may have against"

Michael P. Murphy
DBA The Small Businessman -
Technical Site Coordinator and Registrant

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R Listings (Cont.)

barRepublican Party (United States) - 1) Continuously lying to the American people. 2) Theft 3)War Crimes 4) Expanded Socialism. Author recommends that all Americans re-register as Decline to State or Libertarians Voters.

Retrospect Software (see Dantz Development Corporation)

Richmond American Homes Built homes in the early 90's with (1) poor dual pane windows that break their seals and (2) poor electrical connections on homes in the Rocklin, CA area. 3) Poor follow up on windows. Never called back after call saying they would get back to owner. -2007

Rocklin City Council, Rocklin, CA (thru 2008) 1) taking campaign money from special and partisan interests for non-partisan office 2) partisan records in non-partisan offices 3) Lending names and offices to partisan issues, flyers, etc. i.e. Yes on Measure H campaign. 1/29/08

Rocklin Smog and Auto Repair - Junk Mail 8/15/01

Roseville Toyota (see Toyota) also John L. Sullivan Toyota- Sells maintenance contracts where the fine print actually binds the company to fewer years and miles than the customer assumes at the time of purchase. 7/10/04

Royal - 1) On its rC40 Rate Calculating Scale, its disclaimer says "not to be relied upon for commerical use," thus voiding any purpose for buying the scale in the first place. 9/10/04

Royal Caribbean Cruises - Unsolicited faxes 10/22/02

Round Table Pizza - 1) Junk Mail, 2) 99 cent pricing. 6/2/08



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