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T-Mobile - Here's another "get far less than you paid for company." About the only thing positive I can say about it is that tech support is right there when you need them at an 800 number–not that they can fix problems when they happen to their service, which in Rocklin, CA has been abysmal. However, if you were succored into a year long contract and can't use the service, according to T-Mobile and their 2) EULA, (End User License Agreement), tuff luck. 3) Not only that, but at their hefty prices, you can't even download your email for supposed "security" reasons. 4) When I talked to the folks at the T-mobile booths, some hadn't even heard of their online services. If all of this is any indication of things to come, we'll see them go the way of the dodo bird fast. 5) Additional charges you find out about after setting up an account, like the $1. Airport Internet Access charge when using T-Mobile at airports. 6) $200 early cancellation charge. Better catch them before the year ends or they can nail you again! You will probably lose the time between cancellation and the end of the year. 7) Can't handle monthly service with an immediate credit card payment due to the fact that 8) the group that handles the charges is closed on weekends. Feels like the dark ages somedays. The world already has enough poorly run communications companies. Why add one more! If you absolutely must access the internet with your computer at Starbucks frequently there are few options T-Mobile. 12/12/02. 9) Poor sales staff - unknowledgeable. 10) 99 cent pricing on items and plans. 11) inadequate receipts didn't even mention promised rebates. 12) Sales staff is overwhelmed. 8/27/04 13) Voice automation system that wastes the customer's time and money while possibly saving T-Mobile from havnig to hire real Americans. 14) According to T-Mobile support, there is no way to keep your number and stop harrassing calls, from real numbers and fake ones like (999) 999-9999. This is to T-Mobile's benefit as this uses up your receiving minutes. 12/17/2004 15) Faxes are sent to T-Mobile users from anonymous numbers. T-Mobile does not offer you a way to refuse calls from unlisted numbers. Why would they since they get money for the minutes used? It's like faxes, you can't turn off these illegal callers 16) T-Mobile sent me what looked like a check for $69.99. I get a lot of checks for rebates, etc. and assumed this was one of them. When I went to cash it, the teller gave me the money. I then thought I'd read the letter attached and discovered that in using the "voucher" I would be obligating myself to another terrible year of T-Mobile. Not only that, I discovered that it wasn't a check at all. I went back to the teller and gave the $69.99 back to her. The story is now history. You saw it first on Getem.Net (note: voucher expires Feb. 15, 2008. Offer code 15722272313) Updated 11/17/2007

Talk 650 Clear Channel Communications (Armstrong & Getty) - 1) "useless offensive drivel." when attacking the physical position and attributes of the Democratic 2004 Convention candidates. 2) Constant "right-wing" bias in its talk shows. Use the Internet to gather intellectual input.

Target Department Stores - 1) Junk Mail. 3/23/04 2) 99 cent pricing. 3) java programming errors. 4) Difficult phone support 5) Difficult to get to contact information on website 6) Worst inventory control system I've seen where you can't match items to your receipts for returns or refunds since they don't recognize bar codes. 7) Decimated shoe department in Roseville store. Bad housekeeping there on three separate occassions. 9/5/05

TAXCUT 2002 (for Macintosh)- DANGEROUS PROGRAM LOSES DATA, OVERWRITES YOUR WORK AND MAY FORCE YOU TO DO TAXES MULTIPLE TIMES. AWKWARD INTERFACE ALSO MAY CAUSE YOU TO FILE BEFORE PRINTING AND SEEING THE RETURN IN THE LIGHT OF DAY. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - NOT STABLE IN OS10 AND CAN CRASH - SAVE OFTEN AS SEPARATE TITLED FILES RATHER THAN WITH THE SAME NAME SINCE IT CAN OVERWRITER YOUR WORK EASILY. NOT RECOMMENDED - EXTREMELY POOR HELP SYSTEM AND EXTREMELY CONFUSING STATE INTERFACE - OBVIOUSLY A INADEQUATLEY THOUGHT OUT PROGRAM 1) Inadequate, awkward and difficult tax program 2) doesn't work with all major browsers 3) loosing all help capabilities with some browsers (Safari for Mac). 4) Installs in wrong location. 5) When user clicks on update, the Update Available window was below the TaxCut main window so it appeared that nothing was happening and a user would go on without the update. Fortunately, I moved the window down and found the window requiring the click of the Next button. 6) When it went to grab last year's return, I had to browse for it. 7) Then I couldn't see the whole location address in the field where the new return was going to be saved. I guess I'd have to hunt for it later? This program was obviously not tested very well and possibly because they want users to have to use H&R Block if they are serious about doing their taxes. 04/06/03

TAXCUT Complete Home and Business for 2003 Tax Year (for Windows)- Still a whacked and inelagant program after all these years. I suppose that's fitting when one considers the subject matter. 1) Updating took forever and 2) had to go to tech support to get information to re-download the program when I moved to another computer. 3) Used term "unallowed loss" with no help on subject and no reference in the Official IRS Tax Guide. This should leave you at a permanent stopping point and demonstrates one of hundreds of TaxCut shortcomings. The program is every bit as bad as paying for an accountant or muddling through the forms on your own.

TAXCUT Complete Home and Business for 2004 Tax Year (for Windows)- Still a whacked and inelagant program after all these years. I suppose that's fitting when one considers the subject matter. 1) Sparse instructions do not tell you which disk to install first. 2) The Business portion of the program seems to only concern a few business forms so to say the program is "Complete" may be a big stretch of the H&R Marketing imagination. 3) Install window didn't automatically start despite numerous attempts, I ended up using the "run" command. Seems that they could have accomplished that function by now. 4) Tried to force Earthlink applications onto my computer. 5) The movie explaining importing data played after data was imported. 6) Under Gains from Long-term Depreciable Property Tax Basis, it says you should see IRS instructions, but there is no link to them? You could pay money to HR block to let them figure it out or order special IRS publications. Basically TAXCUT is useless if you own rental property (especially in another state). 7) Somehow, the program skipped over regular income entirely? I had to go back to enter it. 8) Then an error came up over whether we had Section 1245 property. Taxcut sent me to the IRS where a search on Section 1245 came up with over 500 entries. Obviously TaxCut couldn't handle this aspect. 9)Of course this dirty little company hides its phone numbers on the web or on the box, too. 10) Of course they never have enough support staff when you finally do call. The paid premium support wouldn't accept the numbers I punched in and nobody answered.4/11 thru 4/12/05 The reason I ever use TaxCut is because it shares a monopoly with another company who's product is just as bad.

The Right One (The Relationship Experts)- Junk Mail 8/27/01

Tiger Direct (Computers Components) - 1) 99 cent pricing 2) uses the word "only" with its pricing - 9/10/04

Time Life (Books and Magazines)- 1) 99 cent pricing. 2) Spam with no easy opt out. - 10/15/01

2) Spam with no easy opt out.

Tony D's Restaurant (New London, CT 06320) - 1) Overcharged customer credit card with no response to letter or credit to out of town customer. - per J.M. 10/3/12
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T Listings (Cont.)

barToyota (via Prius bought at Roseville Toyota) - The Toyota Prius has been promoted as the car owned by smart people because it is less polluting and gets between a sales sheet posted 45 to 52 Miles to the gallon, and doesn't support the oil industry as much. 1) The gas mileage posting is outrageously unrealistic since we barely get 41 to the gallon. 2) The power steering went out soon after purchase and Toyota replaced at a cost of $3,000 to themselves making you wonder if it will go out again shortly after warranty costing us the same and thereby defeating any gas savings, the whole purpose of buying a Prius in the first place. 3) Only Bridgestone makes the appropriate tire for Prius according to Toyota Roseville. This severely limits the customer's choice and gave an instant monopoly to Bridgestone 4) Many tires were recalled for poor wear and when ours were worn out at 19,000 miles, Toyota and Bridgestone didn't have our number on their recall list and claimed it was already from the replacement batch. Toyota Roseville agreed to pay half and claimed that not even Bridgestone would cover their portion. The tires ate 18 percent of our fuel savings during the first year of ownership and promises to do so each year thereafter until they improve the tires. When one considers this and the high initial cost of the car, the economic value in owning a Prius becomes deeply suspect. This doesn't even consider the potential power steering system replacement. 5) When Toyota did a customer satisfaction call, and we complained again, they offered us a free auto detail. We thanked them and considered that a detail has a $150 value and that we would be almost even. However, when the coupon came, it was just for a car wash! 6) Proving earlier points as noted at,
2.3 million vehicles were involved in a recent recall involving gas pedals getting stuck causing Toyota to stop the sales of 8 models according to the Sacrmamento Bee. Of course this doesn't even touch on the hybrid failures which Toyota is making its customers pay for. Woe unto Toyota customers!1/26/10 7)
Braking failures 2/18/2010

UPDATE - The Sacramento Bee has not returned calls to do article on this. Perhaps this is because Toyota is a major advertiser? Toyota bought a large commercial appologizing for itself BUT IS STILL NOT ADDRESSING BATTERY ISSUES FOR SAME REASONS IT GOT CAUGHT THANKS TO THE INTERNET PUSH ON BRAKING ISSUES. PERHAPS THE MONEY ON THE "APOLOGY AD" WAS HUSH MONEY TO GET THE TELEVISION STATIONS TO SHUT UP ABOUT TOYOTA'S SHORTCOMINGS???
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Toys R Us - 1) Poor tracking of market pricing. 2) .99 cent pricing.

Trans Union - Credit Reporting. - 1) Multiple hoop jumping and 2) vague methodology to get name removed from so-called unethical 3) pre approved credit offer mailing lists which result in massive 4) junk mail. 5) Errors in reports due to 6) poor verification. 7) Negative credit is NOT verified with consumers, 7) putting the monkey on their back to find out. 8) No human voice to talk to. One of the most unethical businesses of our day, 9) resulting in millions of borrowers paying too much for their loans each year. You would think that the ones reporting your credit would have better credit!

TURBOTAX 2005-2006 (See also Intuit) (for Macintosh)- 1) 2005 stops workingafter update, 2) EXTREMELY POOR HELP on hold forever due to common unusually high call volume. This program was obviously not tested very well. If you must use, SAVE OFTEN and MAKE BACKUPS WITH DATED TITLES. I strongly recommend against all Intuit Products until company is under better management. 2/15/07





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