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UC Lending - Junk Mail 8/25/01 & Prequalification info obtained without permission or by credit bureau without your permission.

United Airlines - 1) Overbooking Flights 2) Lost luggage 9/12/04 3) Stupid Survery that can't even find your mileage plus number or decides it only wants your feedback if you give it within seven days. This corporation will probably go bankrupt again before it gets a clue. They figure my time and money are not worth as much as their time and money. Big mistake in an era where air travel is anything but fun. 11/15/2010
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United States Government aka (USG)(United States Citizens) - 1) murder 2) lying - National & International Treaty breaches 3) Grand Theft 4) Totalitarian actions (citizen inactions) 5) Unwarranted Imprisonments 6) war for proift 7) pre-emptive strikes 8) over regulating 9) conspiracies on behalf of large corporations and against the people 10) Largest polluter - worst polluting record of any US enterprise, business, etc. 11) Wasting taxpayer money i.e. Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board $66 million lost on project that was to have cost $30 million and completed by 2000. USG proposes another 33 million be spent to make program work by an undisclosed date.source eWeek July 12th. This represents a common problem with government expansions. 12) 99 CENT PRICING when setting up budgets and estimates - 8/1/04. Is it as good as governments go? Can it do better? See The Government.

United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management - Junk Mail 10/12/01.

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U Listings (Cont.)


United States Post Office (USPS) - 1) Junk Mail - Largest proliferator of "SPAM" in the world. 2) Doesn't print stamps to my Macintosh, and 3) Doesn't tell me at the site that it can't print to my Macintosh. 4) Takes government subsudies. 5) Destroyed yet another well packed item and its box. This one went from Rocklin CA to Spokane WA. They simply can't get their miserable act together. They drop kick everything and because of the poor job they do tend to think they all ought to be fired and start rehiring from scratch with people that give a darn about other people's things. They are the most destructive group of thugs on the planet and forget their insurance joke. It costs more to collect than it did to buy the item and ship it in the first place. It's like a giant mafia where your next package never knows if it will be the next one bumped off!

LETTER SENT TO US POSTMASTER on behalf of my customer...

I am trying to understand why the USPS has such a high damaged package rate? I just sent another package that got damaged. It was in a well packed thick cardboard refrigerator box. I applied all the safe shipping rules. It went from the Rocklin, CA post office to Steve, WA. He reports: "I had a question regarding the insurance I paid for on the item you shipped me. The box got smashed during shipping which damaged the package of the figure. Do you know how to make a claim with the PO and how that works?"

I know that he will now go through USPS hell to get his $12.50 (item price) back. He won't get reimbursed for shipping, and since he bid well on eBay, the actual value of the item is (was before your folks got a hold of it) $200. It is a rare variation item. I have to ask why the Post Office breaks so many goods (at least 10% from here. It reflects extremely poor management from where I sit. How does a thick well packed box with fragile written all over it, get so badly mistreated? What are you going to do about it. International trade is the road to peace and prosperity. The greatest roadblocks to free trade are the various governments and postal services that, because of expense and damage, protectionism, tariffs and endless bureaucracy and forms, make the cost of doing business so great that buyers and sellers are more and more reluctant to participate. Postal rates go up as well as your employee salaries and benefits while private sector jobs rates go stagnant. You are even subsidized and the problems still persist. Sad to think this is happening right before my Christmas shipping begins. I would like to hear some really good reasons for these blatant faults in the system. I am copying this to as many agencies as I can and posting it on I'm sure that many shippers can relate, especially we small ones. Please do not bother sending me an impersonal canned response. Thank you - The Small Businessman, 5503 Butte View Ct., Rocklin 6)Horrible website won't work for Macintosh users according to service rep that took my criticism of their poor programming skills personally and hung up the phone. The U.S. Postal service is one of America's worst managed companies with some of the worst employees on the planet which undoubtedly reflect their poor management. 7) Unlike real businesses, they delete accounts that are not used after awhile. Me, I have avoided using them over the last six months and they, of course deleted my account. I set it up again and input the mailing information for a package. 8) I went to print and no print screen appeared, just a screen asking if it printed okay. Since it did not, the only option was to cancel the order. Therefore, Mac Users may not be able to use the online postal service according to this very poorly trained rep with an attitude. (Should be fired, but short of drinking on the job or touching some co-worker's fanny, she probably can't be) Anyway, I lost time and money since now I have to take it to my local market to send it. By the way, my local Bel Air does a far better job shipping packages for me than the Post Office itself, proof that my local market is a better post office than the company that specializes in postal services only. PLEASE FIND BETTER MANAGEMENT. 1/30/2010
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US Bank - 1) Huge Charges for more than 6 transactions from savings account. 2) $60 in charges despite lack of surety that policies were provided to customer. 3) Policy is hidden in the fine print of terms to extent clerk could not and would not find it. 4) Teller would not give a transaction printout when paying out cash. (See JD Powers customer 5) Bank gave $75 groceries to open account, but the account had to stay open at least 6 months. During that time they started charging for checkiing and yet you couldn't close it without a penalty greater than the checking charges. Essentially, they took about $35 of the $70 back. US Bank is essentially an Indian Giver. I would recommend strongly against having an account at US Bank.
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