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Dantz Software (Retrospect).- Back up software like this is sold on the basis of reliability, that if something goes wrong with your computer, you'll have a back-up. Good Luck! 1) Here's backup software where the user will be lucky if it ever really works. 2) I would certainly test it in an evironment when you can use test files and try to reload into a new box before even beginning to trust it for anything. 3) Not only is it difficult to understand, 4) but it is very possible YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO RECOVER OR REPAIR BACKUP SETS!!!. 5) For example, when the backup set is clicked on, you don't have the option to recover data, 6) then when you use the so-called repair tool, it says that the data is locked????? Prior to this, since backups of 40 gig or more can take all night, I started a backup only to wake up the next morning to see the log sitting there with an error message that said, "+ Executing Immediate Backup at 11/6/2005 11:45 PM
Can't add to backup set Backup to Firefly: The catalog is locked. 11/6/2005 11:45:56 PM: Execution incomplete." This is unforgivable. 7) and the error is not mentioned in the manual index, nor is it to be found in the help menu. Turns out that 8) Retrospect 6.0 had lost compatibility with OS10 and needed to be updated free to Would have liked notification by email about that. Fortunately, it saved me a 8) $35 to $70 support call because their tech told me where to get the free "time consuming" upgrade.

A word to the wise. Never trust back up companies. Copy your "data," as most "programs" don't copy well, to a non-rewritable CD and then test the data. That's about as good as it gets in today's world and Retrospect was supposed to be one of the best companies. I've seen 'em all fail and its my experience none of these so-called back up companies are at all reliable. (That's why they make the big bucks.)

My experience shows that whether on a Mac or a PC your data is seldom really backed up and usable. The best you can pray for is that you back it up and then test the back up and cross your fingers. The industry has been around far too long to have so many, many flawed back up programs like this one.

This software will make some, miserable for hours and even days while they get it to almost work. And then to retrieve data????? I wouldn't count on it any more than I would count on most tape drives. This requires maximum sun, moon and star alignment for success. Support is $69.95 per incident, one of the highest I've run into. It's no wonder so many products, including a free one from the drive maker, La Cie called Silver Keeper are making such strong headway. This is one company that seems to live off an old reputation it no longer deserves. Feel lucky???? 12/21/02
Black Paw

D-Link One 1) Neither Tech Support nor I can register product serial number. - Cost in Time: 30 minutes.2) Support dropped call. - Cost in Time 15 minutes 3) Support referred to Customer service and couldn't transfer the call. -Cost in Time 5 minutes. 4) Called (800) 326-1688 number given. Received busy signal. 5) Called number again, and Customer Service says they are either having a problem with their website or the serial number and will TRY to get back to me today with a serial number. (10:56 a.m.) Issues are still unresolved. as of 2/8/2010
Red Paw
Red PawBlack PawBlack Paw
Black Paw

Defender One - Robert Williams Owner - 1) Vandalism by placing large very hard to remove stickers to warn victims of potential towing. When called on it, had an unapologetic attitude. At least he took the time to look up and call the victim prior to towing. Tow would have been illegal without the warning however reason was not listed on sign at entrance to parking lot and had to be written on the sticker under the other category. Poor business attitude causing me to use services from other strip malls not serviced by Defender One. RGR Managed Mall merchants were unaware of this matter. 1/12/10
Red Paw

Dell Computer .- 1) 99 cent pricing. 9/25/02, 3/6/03 Computers sell for $499, etc. 2) Uses the word "only" with pricing. 9/10/04

Delta Airlines - 1) Overbooking Flights 2) Lost luggage 9/12/04

Democratic Party (United States) - 1) Continuously lying to the American people. 2) Theft 3)War Crimes 4) Expanded Socialism. Recommend that all Americans re-register as Decline to State Voters or Libertarians.

Diamond Resorts International (Timeshare)- (877) 374-2582 - 1)Interior Design of Model Timeshares is much more elaborate than the actual units you'll be assigned. 2) On call to above number the hours initially stated 7 days a week are less on certain departments when you drill down to them. In this case, they called me on a Sunday with a robo-call and when I wasted my time calling them right back during Sunday business hours, the hours stated they weren't open. - 2/7/2010
red bulletblack paw

Digital River Internet Distribution Services.- 1) 99 cent pricing. 2) long backorder and shipped without informing prior to shipping. 3) Ordered through manufacturer by phone instead of website, but product was not cancelled and shipped anyway. 4) called toll number for order support 5) support person dropped call after 15 minute to get in. 6) Called again and talked to Phuong. Said I had to call FWB to reimbursement to cover shipping to and from my home for duplicate order though Digital River would reimburse for the product only. 7) They did not offer, nor would they take up complaint with FWB whose site I ordered from because they are two separate companies. 8) FWB had already informed me they were having trouble with Digital River and according to Digital River, never cancelled the duplicate order per request. Recommend calling in orderst to manufacturer directly rather than using Digita River's services. 10/9/02

Direct Buy - 1)Constant time and money making cold calling where they won't remove you from their call list. That earns them a red paw. They call at least three or four times a week on MY CELL PHONE.
Red Paw for a company that wastes time and money.

Direct TV - 1) Junk Mail 4/2/08 2) 99 cent pricing. 3) Lots of fine print. 4/2/08

Discover Card (Novus) - 1) Junk Mail 2) Recinded policy that allowed Discover to raise rates without notice if customer defaulted on credit with another credit card. 3) Very slow, inefficient and maddening security policy that locks down website for 24 hours after three login attempts even after contacting customer service which handled calls very inefficiently not informing user until second call and 4) only after using numerous system prompts. Shows that when you're #3 you'll try harder. - 10/12/05

Dish Network - The things we'll put up with to have supposedly cheap Television. 1) RadioShack, refused to honor $50 gift card for signing up through them. CORRECTED once appropriate Dish Network "account manager" was contacted. Dish Covered for Radio Shack's error. 2)awkward support 3) avoids calls involving management 4) Gives better prices to new customers over its paid customers. I was told that they are in the process of trying to correct this so it is more like cellular policies where you can change you plan to a newer better plan at any time. We'll see. 6/27/07

5) Dish Network overlapped accounts when AT&T was to transfer us over to AT&T Dish from the original two year old Dish Network account. The transfer never happened AND 6) we were billed for both accounts simultaneously. Dish Network staff insisted on charging us for both accounts at the same time. 7) To cancel the new AT&T Dish account, (which was not working now and has never worked), Dish would charge us a $200 plus cancelation fee The installer (who uses Direct TV at home) were informed by account holder and also told customers they could switch to a new AT&T U-verse account. When AT&T called to switch from AT&T @ Home account, selling us on holding an advertising party for them, we agreed, but they informed us that since we just started an AT&T Dish Network Account, we could not switch to the far superior AT&T U-verse account for another 18 months. The latter portion of this fiasco is more on the AT&T side. 8) However, Chris 530 at Dish Network finally allowed us to transfer to management after some discussion and a long (over 10 minute hold time). (I think he started the transfer long after 5 minutes leaving us to believe we were on hold. 9) Rolando EJ5 after 20 minutes of discussion, refunded one month of the old account as he cancelled it. However, this was not a full refund of the time from the switch. I do not plan to ever do business with Dish Network in the future. The proposed costs and savings were never realized and would not have compensated us for the grief and headaches of their installers and poor customer service. It's one of those "too good to be true" type businesses that hook you on low prices and then you get less than you expected, typical of most modern large corporations in America where they spend billions to market around their customer abuse. They should probably find a better CEO that's not from the good old boys club. It all reminds me of the Robber Barrons of the past.

DISH NETWORK IS BEGGING FOR A LARGE CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT. LAWYERS, ARE YOU LISTENING??? THEY REQUIRE CUSTOMERS TO CLIMB ONTHEIR ROOF TO REMOVE EQUIPMENT WHEN THEY CANCEL 10) Dish sent a return box for their equipment. However, when reading the instructructions, it requests me (or someone) to climb on roof and get a part off the dish itself, called the LNBF to include in the return box. Fuming now, I'll called the number provided and the first rep told me that it's true. I had to get that part off the roof and return it to them or pay the $199 fee. Then, to disconnect the second account, she transferred me to a special rep for AT&T Dish that said that if I can't get it down, they would waive the charge. So now I had a verbal from her stating a release from the fee.

3/15/2008 - 11) Cold calling. 12) Called at 8:15 on Saturday morning on behalf of customer retention. 13) Asked for supervisor and waited three minutes. Supervisor informed me that it was legally okay to call after 8 a.m. Nevermind social tradition. I had dropped service over 4 months ago.

14) 99 cent pricing. 6/5/2008

Disneyland.- Anahiem. 1) Overbooking the park with lines over an hour long for popular rides 2) with a "No refund" policy for disgruntled customers. 3) After paying for parking and going for a tram ride and then a walk to the front entrance, I found out that AAA discounts are not honored at gates themselves. 4) Hours were shortened but not clearly posted prior to parking. 5) Overbooking the park with lines over an hour long for popular rides. 9/15/01 Anahiem. 1) 99 cent pricing for $395 closing costs as oppossed to $400. 7/28/04



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D Listings (Cont.)

barDomain Registry of America.- 1) Wording attempting to get people to move their registrar. When they read it very carefully, then they realize that it is not a bill and was designed to move them from their current registrar and that the notice is not from their registrar. 2) Gives impression if they don't pay them, they might lose their domain. Caveat Emptor! Buyer beware! 2/8/02 3) Three years later, they keep sending junk mail. 10/25/05 again on 6/17/08

Domain Renewal Group 1) Wording attempting to get people to move their registrar. When they read it very carefully, then they realize that it is not a bill and was designed to move them from their current registrar and that the notice is not from their registrar. 2) The price is often over 3 times as high as the domain owner's current domain registrar. 3) Gives impression if they don't pay them, they might lose their domain. Caveat Emptor! Buyer beware! 2/8/02 4) They have a fine print contract on the back of their letter that you need a magifying glass to read. 3/23/09 again on 4/30/09.
black pawblack paw

Donahue Shriber Property Management - 1) Parking lots of managed property at Creekside Town Center in Roseville CA are an absolute mess with spilled food and sugar drinks from Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Quizno's and other company products sold in the center. Without rain and a good wash, the stuff stays on the ground between cars and in the parking spaces where customers have both intentionally and unintentionally dumped their food. It not only sticks to shoes and gets on interior matts, but is a health hazard when it attracts flies and bees.

Solution in Porgress:
Donahue Schriber is looking in to ways to remove the dirty water from cleaning the area because the City of Roseville apparently has a requirement that the washed lot ingredients can't go into the recapture system storm drains. This doesn't really make sense since rain would essentially do the same thing. . 2) Gives impression if they don't pay them, they might lose their domain. Caveat Emptor! Buyer beware! 2/8/02

Downeast Concepts, Inc (Toy Rakes).- 1) Toy gardening rakes contained lead. (800) 343-2424

Downey Savings.- 1) Repeated Junk Mail- 2 pieces on the same day 2) Opt-out rather than opt-in to enable Downey to sell your personal information or distributing junk mail to you. This includes your address, phone, email address and even your social security number. They can also give out your credit information and credit score. 3) Requires you to pay taxes in order to open a business account, i.e. have local business license which usually is another tax to the general fund even if you are an online business and even if that is a service business.

Welcome to 1984 - Folks find it essential to do business with this kind of institution that has essentially become an arm of the government. However, when your privacy is so invaded, folks might be better off no longer putting money into banks and Savings and Loans such as Downey Savings at all and whenever possible. Essentially, when you make a deposit, you are admitting that you do not own any money invested in Downey Savings. Either Downey or the US Government does.- 1/15/2008

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