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Hampton Bay (Lighting and Fans) - 1) Poor designs making installation ridiculously and needlessly complex for the do-it-yourselfers they sell to. Sure, you might save a few bucks, but is the frustration really worth it?

Handspring - 1) Short product support (90 days free then $19.95 per incident) 2) Too many issues with Palm and "hotsync" application making results tenuous at best. Good luck syncing data 3) especially if you sync to more than one computer or application where data loss is almost unavoidable. 4) 800 number is unlisted with toll free information. When a company goes to these extremes to hide from customers are has so many problems that customer support costs money, then you know you've been taken for a ride. Handspring, along with Palm and most computer calander programs are part of a unique club that proposes to to make peoples workflow easier. Usually, these devices and programs are so complicated, unstable and unreliable that a user can almost plan on losing the hours upon hours of data they input into them. The handspring devices are another "get far less than you paid for product" way over hyped by the media. Despite the fact that there are probably those that get what they paid for when the sun is in alignment with the moon and the earth, most would be far better off with a paper day planner–even an expensive one. 12/2/02.

Hawaiian Airlines (Typical Modern "Junk" airline - They should rename themselves things like "Tite-Ass-Air" or "Don't Give a Rat's Ass Air. Those names would better reflect modern airline attitudes and the companies they have become under current corporate mis-leadership)- 1) Mileage program has ridiculously long contract. 2) Currently Experiencing High Call Volume excuse to leave customrs on hold. 3)Mileage staff doesn't know confirmation numbers requested when submitting mileage. 4) Uncomfortable seats for long flights. Hard to sleep or sit comfortably. 5) Incredible Inefficiency portrayed in this message after submitting mileage. Due to the high volume of requests, please allow 8-10 weeks for us to research and confirm before credit is to be posted to your account.6) Charges $25 each way for first checked baggage to and from Hawaii. 7) Airlines "quid pro quo" with Homeland Insecurity that doesn't allow you to transfer tickets to other flyers. 10/18/2010.
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Hershey Company - If modern great American Companies are into "ripping people off," then Hershey is certainly a "Great American Company. 1) I opened Blockbuster Video box of Hershey's Milk Duds and it was only half full. Can we trus Hershey about ingredients, etc, if they already can't be trusted? No more Hershey's candy for me. 4/20/09.
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Hewlett Packard (Another way over-hyped corporation)- The reason HP has so many problems is simple. It is very badly managed, hire's people that are from the Triple T (TV, Texting and Tatoo) generation that are basically incable of solving problems, writing software or handling any other business function. Support goes from bad to terrible on products that simply don't function consistently. The products are never adequately tested.

One has to wonder who is in the driver's seat at HP. One giant leap backwards for the women's movement, I would say as many male Americans look to fortifying the glass ceiling with HP's example. 1)HP drivers have been notoriously flawed causing some Apple OSX Computers to crawl to a virtual freeze even when the device is not being used. HP has apparently been able to market over such calamities. The idea that you could addict people with the often so called "free printer" and then stick them with 2)astronomical ink prices was seriously and successfully used by this company as a tactic for grabbing money from unsuspecting consumers pockets. American corporations are far more adept at scamming we the people, like ghettor robbers taking from their own neighbors, than they are at making anything ingenious that really works or is really cost effective. 3) Inkjet Printer inks tend to dry up if not used consistently causing, you guessed it, a need to purchase some more overpriced ink. 4) Oh, and don't buy the refillers from third parties if the cartridge is already dried up. They most likely won't work. Here's another good place not to own stock if only out of principle. Unfortunately, Epson inks also dry up so maybe another printer company?? 5) 99 cent pricing Proliant Server $1399. etc. 6) Short rebate send in timeline with no exceptions. Tricky Company 12/6/04 7) Problematic software updates causing the following email sent to me on how to correct the problem after trying to update the printer drivers on a Powerbook:

Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.
Michael, please follow these next steps provided in order to manually uninstall all software pertaining to this printer from your computer.
Please also note, each time that you reinstall the HP software, the window will appear asking you to register your product. If this has already been completed, there is no need to reregister your printer again.
Double-click Macintosh HD .
Open the Applications folder.
Open the Utilities folder.
Double-click Activity Monitor . The Activity Monitor window should open. If the window does not open, select Window , then Activity Monitor .
When Activity Monitor opens, look for the following processes:

NOTE: Not all of these processes may be running.
HP Communications
HP Director
HP Image Zone
HP Trap Monitor
HPIO Classic Proxy
HPIO Classic Proxy 2
Print daemon
Highlight them one at a time and click the Quit Process icon.
Click Force Quit to quit the process.
Close Activity Monitor after quitting all the found items.
Remove the following files and folders from the partition where the All-in-One software is installed:

NOTE: Some of the files described in the following steps may not be found.Macintosh HD/Applications/HP AiO Software/Hewlett-Packard folder
Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/hp folder
In Macintosh HD/Library/Caches , drag the following files to the trash:Any files beginning with HP or hp
Any files beginning with Hewlett-Packard
Any files beginning with com.hpMacintosh HD/Library/Documentation/Help/HP Photo and Imaging Help
Macintosh HD/Library/Frameworks/HPServicesInterface.framework
Macintosh HD/Library/Image Capture/TWAIN Data Sources/HP All-in-One Scan.ds
In Macintosh HD/Library/Image Capture/Scripts , drag the following files to the trash:Import and View with iPhoto
View with HPIn Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences , drag the following files to the trash:Hewlett-Packard Preferences
HP Registry
Any files that begin with com.hpMove Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences/loginwindow.plist to the desktop.

NOTE: Not removing the file loginwindow.plist during the manual uninstall could cause the uninstall to be unsuccessful.
In Macintosh HD/Library/Printer/hp , drag the following files and folders to the trash:aio
Frameworks folder
hpio folder
Print Daemon
Utilities folderIn Macintosh HD/Library/StartupItems , drag the following folders to the trash:HP IO
HP Trap Monitor

NOTE: On some systems it is necessary to enter the user password to delete those both folders from the StartupItems folder. Do the identification with entering the OS X admin password.In Macintosh HD/Users/USERNAME (this should have a symbol of a house next to it)/Library/Preferences , drag the following folders to the trash:Any files beginning with
Any files beginning with com.hp
Any files beginning with Hewlett-Packard
Any files beginning with HP or hpIn MacintoshHD/Users/USERNAME/Library/Printers , drag any All-in-One printers listed here into the trash.
Drag the HP Director or HP Image Zone icon from the Dock and drop it on an empty space on the desktop. The icon will disappear.Close all open windows.
Empty the Trash.
Quit any HP processes that may prevent items from being deleted from the trash.
After logging in, verify and possibly repair any permissions that might have been affected using these steps:Open Macintosh HD/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility and double-click on Disk Utility .
Upon the left side, select the Macintosh HD . It will be indented and usually is the second entry in that list.
On the right side beneath the white box select Repair Disk Permissions . This process may take several minutes.
Close Disk Utility by single-clicking the red dot at the top left of the dialog box.Install the printer software. If there is other HP hardware that needs to be re-installed, install it afterwards.Double-click the downloaded file containing the software for the printer.
Double-click the Installation file; it will be either All-in-One Installer or Vise Installer .
Proceed through the questions asked. If prompted for an account and password, use the information for the user account you are currently logged into.
NOTE: After installation is finished the HP Setup Assistant must be completed.
In some situations the All-in-One Setup Assistant will ask you to open the Printer Setup Utility in order to add the printer manually. If prompted with this, use the following steps:
If the All-in-One is directly connected to the Mac with a USB cable:
Click Printer Setup Utility .
When the Printer Setup Utility opens, click Add .
Single-click the entry for the HP All-in-One which is connected by USB.
Click Add .
Here is the link from the website to select in order to download the required software for this printer to work along with the Leopard operating system.
If you need further assistance, please reply to this message and we will be happy to assist you further.
You may receive an e-mail survey regarding your e-mail support experience. We would appreciate your feedback.
For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running, please visit our Web site

HP Total Care Our advice is strictly limited to the question(s) asked and is based on the information provided to us. HP does not assume any responsibility or liability for the advice given and shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages in connection with the use of this information. Always back up your data.
For more information, including technical information updates, please visit our Web site at

HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless Printer - I could write a book about HP's problems and troubles, somebody probably already has. 7) Today's issue regards calling their tech support and finding that they have call scenter problems and then the phone hung up. 8) So I went to website chat and that couldn't handle the Apple Safari Browser demonstrating their programmers' total lack of computer programming skills. 9) The reason I called was that the second printer I bought, because I returned the first one, continues cycling forever and ever never turning all the way on. 10) The last printer burnt through its ink cartridges right after set-up demonstrating HP's desire to rip-off its customers by making them almost immediately go out and buy new ink. 11) Though they advertise that its ink cost are lower than lazer printer ink costs, one has to wonder as it wastes tons of paper and ink going through the setup???? It always seems to want to cycle and setup each time the power is turned off. 12) Online Chat wouldn't work with Apple's Safari. So I went to use their recommended FireFox browser. It wouldn't open until I upgraded the program. I don't recommend this printer or HP as a company any longer. They are a damned if I do and damned if I don't kind of company. Thank God I bought the extended warranty. No doubt I'll be using it again this week. This is one stupid company. 1/23/10

HP Officejet 6500 Wireless Printer - Numerous software conflicts, flaws and other travesties. 13) Phone support problems continue as HP dropped the call twice from the cue. 14)I never seem to get all my registrations into one account.

So I went to website chat and that couldn't handle the Apple Safari Browser demonstrating their programmers' total lack of computer programming skills.

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Michael P. Murphy
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H Listings (Cont.)

barHome Consignment Center (Sacramento CA area) - 1) Repeated Junk mail 4/3/08

HomeGold (Lexington, SC)- Repeated Junk mail 9/6/01, Fake sheck11/10/01,etc..

Home Depot - 1) 99 cent pricing. 2) Poor Accent Lighting section in Roseville Store constantly out of stock forcing me to go to Lowes next door. Constantly out of stock and I leave store seldom filling needs for all areas. (Poor Buyer) 12/4/04. CLICK HERE SEE SPECIAL ARTICLE

Home Loan Funding Inc. - 1) Junk mail. 2) False pre-qualification bait (still requires application i.e. you're not prequalified). 3) Unauthorized use of address for prequalification from credit bureau. 3/23/04

Homeside Lending, Inc. (Lexington, SC)- (1) When notified of discrepancy in excrow statements, supervisor, would not speak to accoutning party giving information of accounting errors. 1/23/02. (2) Further, would not allow calling party to speak to anyone above supervisor level (3) Extreme hold time to operator (seemed very intentional). This is a typical example of the run around a company needs not have to go through. It also make the missing money that this situation pertains to, seem suspect. Manager did call back in hopes of resolving this issue. Issue pending resolution. Stay tuned..

Homestead.Com (Internet Services) - 1) 99 cent pricing. 2) the fact that it is an Intuit company (see Intuit) 3) Needed credit card info in order to try service free for 30 days 4) Online acceptance contract was so long (31 separate categories), that I am (or was) still reading when I fell asleep. It left me thinking that there was probably something extremely bad for me in it somewhere. 5) Services would not work with Safari browser on the Mac. 1-5 6/14/2008

HostMonster.Com (Internet Services) - 1) 99 cent pricing. 2) Unclear instructions 3) Confusing domain hosting setup procedures. 4) Inconsistent staff training. 3/1/08 Note: Staff called later on 3/1/08 fixed all problems outside the website design functions.

Household Bank - a Bank One Company - 1) Junk mail, 2) errors in bookkeeping, 3) inability to make appropriate adjustments in a timely manner. 4) Credit destruction.. 5) $2.50 entisement checks that activate membership in Complete Home program. 6) High Interest rates in fine print. 7) email spam.



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