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W Ketchup- Political Food in suppor of George W. Bush 10/21/04

Wachovia- Gave $259,000 to Republican George W. Bush's Presidential re-Election Campaign in CA 10/21/04

Walmart- Gave $5,000 to Republican John Doolittle's Congressional Campaign in CA 10/21/04

Walt Disney Co - Impossible to contact by email. In other words, email is hidden. gave $20,000 to Democrat Barbara Boxer's Senate Campaign in CA 10/21/04

Washington Mutual Fiance, Inc. - REPEATED Junk Mail 9/14/01, 10/18/01

Wave Broadband - 1) REPEATED Junk Mail, 2) 99 cent pricing, 3) Advertising a $9.95 price for three months but only revealiing the $49.95 price after three months in the fine print, 4) which tells about an additional $9.95 setup/installation fee per service, 5) and a $3 modem rental fee. 6) and 6 mbyts??? (not garaunteed) 7) and franchise fees and taxes 8) AND other restrictions may apply Whew! Advertising # 1WK_FSI_2.08 - 2/29/08

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W Listings (Cont.)



Wells Fargo Bank (I swore off this bank over 20 years ago, but they are like a bad penny- 1) Inability to end merchant accounts in a businesslike manner. 2) Poor banking lines. 3) Cold calling , 1/31/02. 4) Called to find out if they would not honer loan servicing terms we had when ELoan made the loan. Hold time was over 10 minutes after long selection cue. 5) Even though you may passionately hate a bank, when it comes to who ultimately owns or services a loan, banks give you no choices. 6) 1/30/07 Constant calls want to talk to someone regarding credit fraud with an account I don't have. 7) 1/30/07 When I called the banks actual number from the Wells Fargo Website, to stop the calls, the attendant dropped the call. 8) My auto loan got bought by Wells Fargo. So when I went to pay o their website, the coding wouldn't work with Macintosh computers. So force to be with Wells Fargo again, my first new experience was yet another bad one. I CHOOSE A LOCAL BANK or CREDITEUNION NOW AND HAVE FAR BETTER SERVICE AND NO DISRUPTIONS.
black paw

Western Dental Centers - 1) 99 cent pricing 6/5/08

Western Digital - 1) My Book Studio Drive fails for no apparent reason - no falls or bumps 2) I spun wheels for over an hour doing ridiculous stuff like plugging power supply into the wall vs plugging into a surge protector. 3) While working with their tech support their phone connection went bad 4), and of course, they had my number but didn't call back. 5) Then, when I called back less than a minute later, they said they were closed. They will take my drive back, I guess, but I gotta figure this is simply another major corporation with a worthless CEO. 1/30/2010
black pawblack pawblack pawblack pawblack paw

Williams Bailey Law Firm - gave $18,500 to Democrat Barbara Boxer's Senate re-election campaign in CA Junk Mail 10/21/04

Willow Creek Properties Inc. (Rocklin, CA) - 1) Took property that didn't belong to it on 4/16/08. 2) Started work on a home prior to Title being recorded and without giving renters notice. 3) Wouldn't respond to phone calls. 4) Buzzered Office door was closed during normal business hours. 5) Was told by staff that owner would call back, but the owner did not. 4/20/08

WorldCom Wireless - Repeated Junk Mail 8/25/01. 2) Defrauding the public.

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