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National City Bank (Ohio) - 1) Poor elections are not all that is going wrong in Ohio. If you are late on your payments to this bank, they'll be happy to remind you. They may call every two hours on some days. One time, they called while talking to another one that called. This is harrassment, though they don't call it that and since they are collecting on their own debts, and are a National Bank, they don't have to follow the same rules as Collection Agencies. The State of California and The State Attorney General's office, to my knowledge, has done nothing to shut this bank down and borrowers may actually get stuck with them through loan package resales in California. This bank also has a notorious Internet Reputation and as States try to clamp down on this bank, it seeks protection from the Supreme Court to defy state requirements. If you can get out from under this banks thumb, I would do so. I noticed its stock going down, down, down. I imagine a lot of customers wouldn't mind seeing it go away and as for stock holders, why would they invest in such a terrible bank? They probably simply don't know any better. 7/07 thru 10/07. Who to contact when you have a complaint against a National Bank. Step 1 call the Adminstrator of National Banks office to get a case number at (800) 613-6743, Step 2 fill out the PDF form and fax it to (713) 336-4301.

Nero (CD Burning Software) - Represents the evil mismanagement that has taken over so many software companies. 1) Poor software that doesn't work. 2) hidden support phone numbers. 3) Attempts to force everyone to shell out more money to buy upgrades in hopes that THAT software will work. 4) Software update links that don't work while paid upgrade links work. This company represents all the primary reasons America is fed up with the software industry in general. If we got products that worked, we wouldn't need to upgrade and the companies might go out of business. The industry has learned a lot from drug dealers. - Make everyone trapped into buying your crap on a yearly or even bi-yearly basis. 11/30/03

Netflix (online video rentals) - 1) Junk Mail 2) 99 cent pricing. 3) Overpromising and then features don't load because the network is too busy for Netflix and they tell you they can process your request. This is very evident during prime time and on Thanksgiving 2010.
Red Paw

Newsweek - 1) Junk Mail 8/8/01. also 3/17/03

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barNorth American Mortgage Company - 1) Extremely dissatisfied with Loan Processing and service which caused us to consider backing out of our home purchase. 2) Junk Mail to Real Estate Property Owner. Mishandling of Loan Payments causing credit damage. 3) Junk mail repeated via 16802 Aston Street, Irvine, CA 92606. 4) Letter uses pre-qualified come on when they were not authorized to view our credit. How did other lenders get our name and lender? Was it from North American? Junk mail repeated 10/1/01 from John McCoy

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